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The Program, not the people who have watched my weight go up and down over the last 10 years

Wednesday Weigh-In Week #4

Whelp.  It’s that time again.  And actually I was looking forward to standing on the scale this morning after no change last week.   Without further ado: *5KG = 11lbs first goal *1.1KG = 2.4lbs loss this week *2.2KG = 4.8lbs loss in May *2.8KG = 6.1lbs loss to go for first goal   While…

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Wednesday Weigh-In Week#2

Admittedly I didn’t track as much this week.  I find it very hard when I’m not at home and not eating my own planned out home-cooked meals.  The Weight Watchers app, for example, doesn’t tell you how many points a pizza at Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria is… (and let’s be honest, I am not going to…

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Wednesday Weigh-In — Week #1

  I have been yammering on for months (years?) about how I need to get my ish together and drop the weight I gained after my foot surgery and last marathon (November 2016). For some reason I am able to focus and then lose the plot a bit, rinse, repeat…  I do think there are…

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Big Things, Little Things

The last 10+ days have been full of big and little things. I believe we should celebrate as much as possible to keep things in perspective. This is a particularly hard lesson for me when it comes to work, but I don’t want to digress right away into that subject, so… First of all, I…

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Good Lord I can’t believe I haven’t posted since July. What a slacker! Here’s what’s happened: Days since I last posted: 103 Kilometers run: 463 Calories burned running: 29,198 Races participated in: 6 Races I ran two different distances the same day: 1 PR’s achieved: 3 Number of races to participate in until the end…

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