No WW Meeting

I missed several WW meetings this month, after only recently switching from FlexPoints to ProPoints – various reasons kept me from going but it was mostly my back; with 3 weeks being at home in Arnhem, I was hardly going to make the trip to Amsterdam.  I considered going in Arnhem but I worry about the scale calibration.  I’d rather just weigh in here at home, or at my regular meeting.

Yesterday I left work at 5.30 like I normally do on Tuesdays and went through a sort of comedy of errors upon reaching the station.  I couldn’t load my public transit card (after one machine broke down on me, mid-transaction, so I had to go to the other machine where there were eleventy-billion people standing in a queue), I couldn’t get money on my regular ATM card so I had to use my credit card (grrrrr), got on the tram and discovered if you pay cash you now pay twice as much as what used to be charged (bloody non-loaded transit card!!!), finally got to my tram stop by my meeting, walked the 5 minutes to get there only to discover… completely dark inside and the doors locked.  I had no idea.

Now, maybe this belongs on my other blog, because what follows is a bit of a rant…  I’m on my phone texting my husband that WW is closed and would be making my way to Central Station to get back home again.  Remember, I live 2 hours away from work, so when I leave work at 5pm I’m only home at 7pm.  Imagine when I go to my WW meeting?  I go in Amsterdam because the meeting in Arnhem starts at 6.30pm.  When I’m not even home until 7, you understand the logistics of this, right?   My meeting usually ends around 7.30 and I usually get a train home at 8pm.  Again, when I leave Amsterdam at 8pm, chances are very likely I’m not home until 10pm.  The ladies at WW are so lovely, they usually let me eat my dinner there (they even have a fully equipped kitchen there – it’s like a neighborhood club), and I do enjoy going and most times get something out of it that sets me up for the next couple of weeks before I go again.  I have an arrangement with my leader – she knows I’m a lifetime member and that I also do WW online AND that I live so far away so it’s totally cool that I go only once a month.

Anyway. Where was I? Oh yeah, the rant…  so my husband says “Well it is holiday time”.  I’m thinking “So???”  I’m not on freaking holiday.  Not EVERYONE is on holiday at the moment.  If fact bajillions of people are still working in this country.  It was the 29th of December.  Not the 25th.  Not the 31st.  The 29th.  Sorry, people, but that’s a regular day to me.  So why don’t I get a little note in the mail?   Look I like my meeting and I’m committed but seriously?  I could have been home a LOT sooner than I was last night.  I had a pretty shitty day and all I wanted was to be at home, yet I had that committment to myself to go to my meeting.  Why do I give my address, phone and email to WW if they can’t even let us know?  Sure, the other members who were there the week before probably knew.  Or geez, maybe not since it was the Tuesday before Christmas.  In either case, I didn’t know because I’ve been at home, barely able to move for 2 of the 4 weeks I haven’t been.  Sheesh.

What holiday period?  Whatever happened to having subs?  I’d have been happy just to weigh-in, since it’s the LAST before the end of the year, and go, instead of schlepping there for nothing.  Really, in other countries do they just SHUT DOWN the WW meetings because of the “holiday period?”  Ugh.

So, yeah. No WW Meeting.  No weigh-in.  Weigh-in on my homescale this morning: 82.2KG.  That’s 1 KG UP since last week.  Which is totally understandable and acceptable after the pre, during and after Christmas eating and drinking.

I shall be hitting the elliptical now.

2 thoughts on “No WW Meeting

  1. How frustrating! Can’t believe they didn’t let you know they were canceling the meeting!

    Well, elliptical machines are great for stress busting, so perhaps you can melt away the memory of the annoying WW screw up as you exercises.

  2. I did 30 minutes before I got a work call – at least it was something and I feel good about that!

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