Fitness + Food Related Link-Ups

Before you link-up, let me just put it out there; the idea of linking up is to virtually meet and get to know other running and fitness bloggers. It’s all about RECIPROCATION. It’s not appreciated to drop a blog link and then NOT link back to the hosts on your blog post. It’s also not appreciated to NOT visit others blogs in the link-up. I can tell you that I personally hit up 97% of the blog posts in every link-up I participate in. The 3% are bloggers who have never come back to my blog to read and comment on my post. I don’t want to be that person, but I just simply won’t read and comment on someone’s blog post who doesn’t have the time to read and comment on mine (by the way – my time is just as precious, precious).

With that out of the way, here are some GREAT linkups you too can participate in!

The Weekly Run Down

Deborah and KimH are the lovely fit hosts of the WRD!

Sunday is the day to post your Weekly Run Down! How did your week go? What races are you training for? What did you manage this week at yoga? Share your trials, tribulations and victories in the weekly link-up.

Here you can find the guidelines.

Meatless Monday

For the foodies amongst us, Deborah and Sarah have the Meatless Monday link-up for you to join! Even if you are meat-eater, it’s well known that eating less meat is good for us and better for the environment. Besides there are some super tasty recipes that these bloggers are sharing!

Here are the guidelines!

Tuesday Topics

KimG and Zenaida are hosting the Tuesday Topics link-up; here you can join in on the suggested topics or just post and linkup something running/ fitness related of your own.

Rules and Guidelines are here.

The Running Coaches Corner

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a coach to participate in this link-up! You do need to post something running related, however.

Your hosts are coaches Train with Marc and Coach Debbie Runs and the linkup is on Wednesdays!

Check Debbie or Mark’s posts on Wednesdays for the guidelines, drop your link, comment and join the fun!

Wild Workout Wednesday

The Monthly Runfessional

On the last Friday of every month the RUNFESSIONAL is open at Marcia‘s Healthy Slice. Join in, runfess and cleanse your sweaty sole(s)!

The runfessional is open until the last day of the month. Check the link for the guidelines.

The Friday Linkup

Meranda and Lacey are the hosts of the Friday thread. As it was previously the Friday Five (and Friday Five 2.0) link-up a lot of participants still post in a “Five” Format. And since we all love sharing and visiting each other’s blogs this one is easy to also to combine into a Runfessional post the last Friday of the month!

Find the link-up information here!

The Ultimate Coffee Date

Don’t have runfessions? Want to just get together for a cup of joe (or tea) and have a little gab session? Join in the monthly Ultimate Coffee Date! What would you tell ME if we were having coffee? Linkup opens on the last Saturday of the month and stays open all weekend.

Deborah and Coco are your hosts and you can find the guidelines here.