FMM:Friend Makin’ Monday:: Tech Edition

This should be fun. I am not very technical AT ALL!

As you know Every Monday My Girl Kenlie posts a FMM – this is meant to interact with other bloggers, link up and get to know each other a bit better.

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Tech Questions

1. PC or Mac? Well, Hmmm. I’m pretty much a PC person. I don’t have an iPhone (I have an android), though I do have two iPods and now that hubs “had” to buy a new iPad (for his app development stuff) I now have an iPad. To be honest I still haven’t tried even 10% of it’s capabilities. If I needed a Mac for creativity I would probably use a Mac, but right now I don’t need it.

2. When did you get your first computer? 1997 or 1998. I was working for Iomega and we got a deal through work for some ridiculous amount of money (as in very cheap).

3. Do you use cable, DSL or something else? We use cable. I’m sure of that. *Wonders if she should ask Hubs*

4. When choosing a laptop, do you think it’s more important to choose the fastest one, or the lightest one? Because I schlep my laptop around a lot for work (and have a major commute) I would probably go for weight vs. speed. But really new laptops these days are pretty quick no?

5. What kind of cell phone do you own? Do you like it? I have a Sony Xperia. It’s ok. I had a Blackberry (or several I should say) for years and really prefer the keyboard but I decided to make the effort for touch screen. Honestly I just want to type and I have trouble sometimes with touch.

6. How do you carry your laptop when you travel? my laptop fits in my backpack side compartment and if I travel with it on a plane for example, I would definitely have it under the chair in front of me. Daily though it’s in the same backpack. I bought a backpack that would hold food, drink, a book and my laptop for sure!

7. How many e-mails do you send on an average day? I email a lot for work. Which is why it’s really tough to email at home or via facebook for example! I am so bad with that!

8. Do you ever blog using your iPad or similar tablet? I did try it last week. I was pretty happy that it was possible.

9. What do you use more often – a desktop or a laptop? I have a laptop at home and one at work.

10. As a blogger, are there other gadgets that you need to get the job done? I use my phone camera for many photos and my iPod touch was meant to be used for video but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

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