Daily 02/11

I realise some people really don’t want to know or don’t give a crap about what people eat whilst losing weight  –

(no matter what program), but what I find most important is when I plan and stick to the plan, I see results. Since I’m ready to see results again, this is really the *only* way for me. Other people can get by with winging it or eating food that’s already been prepared and portioned out, but 1) I don’t really do processed foods at all and 2) they’re not even really available here even if I want to. That’s right, no WW meals, no Lean Cuisine, no Jenny Craig, no 100 calorie packs of anything. Even when I eat very healthy, some days I eat too much. Example; yes hummous is healthy, good for you, full of protein. Eating the entire 250gr package at lunch? Not so much. Peanut Butter has good fat and protein, very healthy. Eating the jar whilst standing in the kitchen and just digging in with your finger until it’s finished? Not so much.

Therefore, journaling my food is pretty important. Sticking to the plan is really important. Avoiding treats – really important. I don’t avoid and restrict every single day; it’s not sustainable. But I am learning something about all of this. I can actually have a TopPot donunt whenever I want. What I want is to really choose for it and then sit down and enjoy it. Not stuff my face with it within 27 seconds so no one will see me. That is just, well, ridiculous (I never claimed to NOT be ridiculous- I’m just trying to be less so).

Without further adieu, here’s what my day looked like today (haven’t actually consumed the dinner yet, but posting it keeps me honest to not go any further if I get the munchies later):

Monday –

Breakfast: 1 egg, 3 egg whites, 1tsp olive oil, spinach, mushrooms, 1 triangle Laughing Cow light 4 points

Coffee (black)

Snack: apple 0 points

Lunch: rucola, 2 tomatoes, 1tsp balsamic vinegar, 1 tsp olive oil, 100 gr rice, 50 gr kidney beans, 50 gr cottage cheese, harissa 5 points

Snack: large cup of tea (nothing in it)

cucumber slices 0 points

125 gr FAGE yoghurt, 60 gr blueberries, 1 mandarin, 10 gr almonds 2.5 points

Dinner: 150 gr salmon, rice, steamed broccoli 10.5 points

Total points: 22
Savings: 0
Water: 2+ litres
Exercise: none (decided to not go running)
Points earned: 0
Total Saved since 01/11: 4.5
Fruit &Veg: yes!