The Hunger

27 April, 2010 Off By Pinky @lowfatpie

What is it about hunger that makes us feel so uncomfortable?

What is it about hunger that makes ME feel so uncomfortable??

I can not ever remember a time in my life where I worried about whether I would have a meal or not.  I mean I know, when I was a kid we were poor and we didn’t always have huge amounts of food to eat. We also ate things like cereal for dinner, and cheap meals like macaroni and cheese, pork chops and apple sauce and tinned vegetables.  But it’s not like we missed meals all together.

I feel like I complain about hunger a lot.  I don’t like to be hungry.  I don’t like to be late for my lunch.  I don’t even like not having something to eat every couple of hours, though lately I have been skipping a morning snack all together in the hopes that my stomach/head will adjust to the difference and deal with it accordingly.

I don’t really feel like I’ve adjusted at all though.  I have the feeling now that I’m just suffering through until lunch.  That if other people can make it without eating surely I can.  I’m not going to die, after all, just because I’m “empty”.

I’ve also been trying to eat “like a Dutch person”.  The Sandwich Phenomenon.  I wrote about it on my other blog.  These are not like “American” sandwiches, with the works, these are literally 2 slices of bread, a very thin layer of margarine (that I’m not doing) and a slice of cheese or lunch meat and that’s it.  So let’s say a Dutch person would have two “sandwiches” (an American “half”) for breakfast and four for lunch with various different toppings. I’m not knocking this entirely, I swear, even though it may seem like a broken record to some.  My husband eats like this.  Every day without fail.  Toppings may include peanut butter as well, or Nutella, or butter/margarine with chocolate sprinkles.

 So, I have been eating an American sandwich for breakfast and two for lunch.  And this costs me a LOT of points.  A LOT.  Bread itself is 3 points per 50g.  NO slice of bread out there (that is worth eating, to me) weighs only 25g.  I would say the average that 2 slices of bread weighs is around 65 – 70gr.  This is costing me 4.5 – 5 points. 

Keep in mind I could eat an entire tub of yoghurt for 5 points.  A pound of yoghurt.

I could eat 2 eggs for 5 points.

I could eat 250 g of chicken for 5 points.

So this is just bread we are talking about.  Then I add something to the bread.  This is leaving me VERY little points for dinner.

 So my question is (and it’s purely rhetorical, I am sure) how on EARTH do people eat ONLY sandwiches during the day (and I’m not having peanut butter or Nutella by the way) and have a normal meal in the evening AND STAY SO FREAKING thin/normal weight???

 I am absolutely STARVING.

Yes I know I shouldn’t say that.  I’m not starving of course.  But I’m uncomfortably hungry.  Really, really hungry.  No it’s not thirst.  It’s not emotions.  It’s not stress.  It’s pure, unadulterated hunger

I really have no idea how I am supposed to keep my body fueled so that it doesn’t feel like this, but I’ve really got to find a solution soon.

I’ve just calculated all my points for today pre-dinner.  28 is the total.  I get 29 per day.  So, if I’m THIS HUNGRY when I feel I’ve had so little to eat, could something be wrong?

How do YOU deal with the Hunger?