I’m Still Amazed

28 June, 2010 Off By Renée

Since June 7th, 2009, after I got my new running shoes as a reward for losing weight and reaching a mini-goal of under 90KG, I have logged over 600 Kilometers on my Nike +. SIX HUNDRED. Dudes, that’s like to running to PARIS from here!

I am still amazed! I’m a RUNNER people! I AM A RUNNER!!

After my holiday, and before my 16K in September, I am going to re-think how and when I run and set goals each month. I like what I’m doing now and it’s working just fine, but I feel a little bit willy-nilly. I’ve been doing the challenges on Blog To Lose Nike +’ers the last couple months and I am finally seeing just what I am achieving on the whole in a month’s time.

Here’s what I’ve done this year so far:
Jan 4 runs/ 21.18 KM
Feb 7 runs/ 56.04 KM
Mar 9 runs/ 84.6 KM
April 8 runs/ 54.8 KM
May 6 runs/ 72.58 KM
June 7 runs/ 65.74 KM

July will be low because of the holiday, but let’s see how I can crank it up afterwards!