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January Running

Another year flew by, an exciting year, and 2016 pretty much crashed in like a ton of bricks! On the 31st of December I took the day off and was actually able to run with my beloved running group on the “oliebollenloop”. On the 31st we essentially eat these tasty amazing deep-fried dough balls covered…

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In Other News

another change, or rather going back to the beginning again… Tonight I went back to Weight Watchers. Not because I want to be on a diet. Because I need the support. I tried to do it online for a while but I just am not motivated by myself to do it. I need support. So,…

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Done. Onto the Next One.

So Sunday… was the Posbankloop, which once again my husband kicked his PR’s ass. He’s such a rockstar! First of all, it’s a smaller race. Not sure how many participants but probably 5000 or less. It wasn’t very crowded at the meeting point. Any of you who think the Netherlands is flat you are not…

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I don’t know how else to describe this month. Mind you, Epic doesn’t necessary mean good. In my case it means a lot of different things. Good. Bad. Stressed. Busy. Exhausted. First of all, the work thing is just insane. I can’t really give you too many details but the stress has just been incredible.…

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Sunday Run: aka My Husband is Awesome

I’ve been fairly down lately. Eating isn’t going well (uninspired. bored. meh.) Running isn’t going well (slow. heavy. no schedule) I have a lot of things on my mind, the usual combination of stuff – work, thoughts, life, etc. Ron’s been running a lot and really looking into technique, fueling for running, cross-training and the…

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How do you move your behind?

I was thinking about this today on my walk around the block at the station. You see, (almost) every work day I arrive at my station in Amsterdam and I walk a kilometer around the block(s) because I have time to kill. I do this regardless of weather or what I’m carrying with me .…

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