Friday Five

It’s been an odd week. Basically I was free the whole week and the plan was to relax, do a few things around the house and prepare for starting my new job.

I definitely relaxed! The things I wanted to do around the house, not so much. I managed to deep clean the kitchen and that’s about it. Other things included a trip to the fysio, the accupuncturist and the hairdresser. I did a wee bit of shopping too. I know I probably need to dress a bit “neater” than I have done for the last 7 years – basically I live my life in jeans and trainers (and tops – I always wear a top as well ;) ) and I’m not used to dressing for a more professional environment. And maybe it’s not even that much more professional! However, I want to come across as more professional.

My Five Things to Celebrate this week:

1) without a doubt, getting to see Melissa and Tracey in Amsterdam! My dear friends from the internet to live in person at Fitbloggin were on a cruise and had Amsterdam as one of the Ports of Call. It was short but I thoroughly enjoyed our time together over coffee and bagels and walking around the city a bit. Melissa was ill but a total trooper, making it until about 1pm when I walked her back to the ship. Yay for friends visiting!

2013-03-06 20.05.28

2) I went back to Weight Watchers. As it’s Day 4 I will honestly tell you that only 2 of the 3 days have been on plan. Yesterday was totally off. That’s ok. I went to the supermarket yesterday and got a few things on my list – the WW mobile app is great for making grocery lists! I’m just going to keep trying to keep things in check.

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a different breakfast - WW style
a different breakfast – WW style
I call this "it doesn't matter which came first - get in mah belly"
I call this “it doesn’t matter which came first – get in mah belly”

3) Running – I ran 4 days so far this week (since Sunday) which is unheard of for me. I skipped Wednesday SocialMile run because I was absolutely shattered from getting up early to go to Amsterdam. Unfortunately today my back is hurting again. This comes and goes and I am actually looking forward to Tuesday, regardless of how painful manual therapy is going to be.


4) Checking out a new gym – I have been a member of my gym for a while now, I think maybe even 2 years or more and there were two reasons why I choose the gym in the first place. First because the gym i was going to was bought out by another company and I didn’t want to continue and more importantly because of the location as it was a 7 minute walk from the train station. I would bring my stuff to work and back (or sometimes the hubs would bring my stuff and leave it behind reception) and then go directly after work. I know myself and i know if I have to go home first, I won’t go to the gym at all. So this was a way to prevent any excuses of not going when I had planned on going. So now that I’ve left my job and will start a new one literally around the corner from my house, I really think I need to find a gym close to work/home so that I make sure I will go.

Today I went to the gym I first joined when I moved to Arnhem – wow has it really changed and in a good way! The hours are great, the Location is about 7 min further from the office (so then I’ll be 15 min back home if I go to the gym after work), the price is about EUR 1,00 less a month than where I’m going now and it’s unlimited use – so I can go every day if I want (but who are we kidding) and I could go on the weekends later than where I go now. The best part of the deal is that once I stop my membership at my other gym, the “new” gym will basically let me attend for “free” so I can already start (you can get up to three months free when you are switching gyms and here you have at least 1 month notice to cancel). Oh and each month you get EUR 10,00 on account for the bar in case you want a coffee, tea, sandwich while you are there.

Once I had the tour, they said I could work out so I spent 35 min on a couple of cardio machines. I hadn’t thought I’d make it to the gym at all this week, so BONUS!

5) Sleep – though I’m still pretty tired (I think it will take a while before I’m over the exhaustion) I tried very hard to get minimum 7 hours of sleep each night and I even got 8 a couple of times. Now to just figure out when the best time to get up to get ready for work and when is the best time to go to bed. I have gotten up at 5am for so long (and sometimes earlier) with a target of 10pm for bed. I have to be at work Monday at 8:30am and I definitely don’t want to rush. I think it will take a couple of weeks to really figure that all out.

How was your week?

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  1. I’m so happy you ended up getting a job without such a commute – that seemed to be stressing you out (and I am the same way – work is 5-10 mins away for me and I feel so bad for the peeps with long commutes). Good luck with the new job and new gym!

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