What Happens When Pinky Diets

Warning: this is not going to be a positive post. This is going to be a ranting one. Feel free to completely skip it if you like. If I can’t bitch in my own blog then why pay the hosting fees, right?

I’m sitting here, it’s day 3 of the “new” diet – the one where it’s kind of paleo but it’s not? Yeah. So I’m already arguing logic points on this but whatever. Day 3 and I feel like total hell and I’ll tell you why:

1) I’m supposed to eat right when I get up. That’s fine I can eat whatever I have no issue. I’m not one of those “oooh I can’t handle anything in the morning” people. Bring it on. Any type of food. However, I get up between 5 – 5:30am. I was making my breakfast and eating in the train at 7am. This kept me going until around 10 – 11am and then I would either eat an egg or a piece of fruit and wait until lunch to eat again.

2) I’m supposed to eat every 3 hours. So uh, that would mean 5:30/8:30/11:30/2:30/5:30/7:30. Now wouldn’t that be just brilliant if it could all work out that way? As it is I have lunch at 12 (not 11:30 it’s too early and I often have meetings in the morning). This morning I tried 6/9/12, etc and OH MY GOD I felt completely effed up all day. My breakfast at 6 lasted me until exactly 7. My head tells me to eat when I’m hungry but I waited until 9. I was in Murderous Rage Stage when I walked into the office needing to warm up meal number 2

3) Two meals are carb only. Oh but no pasta or rice or grains. Uh. OK. But muesli bread is ok. Yeah go figure. Technincally not allowed is Bob’s Seven Grain but Steel Cut Oats are fine. ??????????? So today meal two was Bob’s 7, banana and apple with maple syrup (allowed). This lasted me until 10:30 when I became ravenous again.

4) After I ate lunch – turkey and veg sautéed in coconut oil – I was hungry immediately.

5) No more than two cups of coffee per day. Mentally I miss my one latte I allowed myself each day if I really wanted it. I’ve been drinking green tea, which I discovered has caffeine, which is not allowed after 2 cups. :(

6) All this stuff about what cavemen ate or what the ancients had makes no sense to me. So, they were eating cottage cheese? Wasn’t it more a feast or famine type of thing? Ancient Anasazi’s where wrong with their beans???? (not allowed) Kamut is wrong? It’s an ancient grain! Quinoa?

7) I didn’t want to focus on weight loss or diet.

8) I didn’t want to focus on weight loss or diet.

9) I didn’t want to focus on weight loss or diet.

10) I didn’t want to focus on weight loss or diet.

11) I didn’t want to focus on weight loss or diet.

12) I didn’t want to focus on weight loss or diet.

13) I didn’t want to focus on weight loss or diet.

14) I didn’t want to focus on weight loss or diet.

15) I didn’t want to focus on weight loss or diet.

16) I just want to eat when hungry and choose the right foods. I don’t mind taking supplements or fish oil or other things that will enhance my health but seriously this is bullshit.

So three days and I’m fed up already. This is just not the way I want to live my life. I’ve mentioned it before I’m done with obsessing and caring about my weight. Sure it would be great to not be in the overweight category but I prefer to be HEALTHY, STRONG, and FIT. Dieting sucks, I hate it and I’m not going to keep doing this.

Friday I’m having a very serious chat with my trainer to emphasize ONCE AGAIN I do not want to focus on weight loss or diet.

6 thoughts on “What Happens When Pinky Diets

  1. Take a deep breath, and try not to kill anyone. I’ve not ever tried such a strict diet, I know it’s not for me. But if it’s frustrating you this much, maybe it’s time to try something else? All new diets need adjustment and time to get use to it, but if it’s not for you then move on. That sounds totally not positive and supportive, but in my experience is that if you it’s frustrating you this much and you are white knuckling it, it’s not something you will do the rest of your life. Find what works for you and go with that. If that means not being as skinny as some stupid AS* chart says you should be then that’s fine. That chart can kiss your butt and so can the rest of the world. Focus on you being healthy and happy HUG!

  2. Renee

    I’m not one to talk cos I ALWAYS talk about ‘diets’ and I am either on them or off them. I often get comments from others saying that the concept of ‘dieting’ is wrong etc and I DO know this… but it’s hard to do what’s right and sensible sometimes.

    It sounds though, as if you know that what you’re doing isn’t sustainable and I love your “I didn’t want to focus on weight loss or diet” mantra!

    Good luck with whatever you decide!


  3. Maybe, just maybe, the trainer is purposefully trying to induce a murderous rage so that you’ll work out extra hard? Or is he just making you eat paleo (and confusing the heck out of you and making it sound extra hard) to justify his cost?

    1. In marketing speak: that would be his Unique Selling Proposition: making it so complicated to eat that you won’t?
      OR “it’s easier NOT to eat” or “taking all the fun out of eating”

      Did I ever mention my own personal weightloss motto (from back in my chubby days and my Mediterranean roots)
      Do not eat today what you can eat tomorrow. Do you think I coukd make any money of it?

  4. wow! this sounds rough…..do you have to do this diet?? is it for you?? if you really want to stick with it – just keep venting on here and keep up the good work, but if it’s causing more harm than good – drop it :D

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