Stages of Grief When Faced with Not Running

19 January, 2017 Off By Renée

So. I made it 48 days on my run streak.

I decided yesterday to stop. Since last week, around Thursday or Friday, my right knee started hurting. Same kind of pain I had years ago with my left knee. Back then I was out of the running for 5 months. 5 MONTHS. I can’t be having that right now!!!

I taped my knee and did some self-massage and on my non-training days took it fairly easy. I also bought a knee brace with light-moderate support. But it was still hurting. Because, yeah, I was still running. Duh.

Yesterday whilst still at work, I called the physio. That’s pretty much when I knew I had to end the streak. I have training again on Friday and Sunday. Not sure yet if I’ll actually do the training though.

Then I went home. And my grief started.

Things to do when you can’t run

1: CRY


Ok, ok. It’s not that bad. I just like being a drama queen sometimes.

So logically, and calmly, I decided to bike instead. We have a bike at home – Ron uses it quite often – so why not take the opportunity to move anyway and impact my knee less?

with some good music, it's easy to do!

with some good music, it’s easy to do!

Friday I go to the physio and hopefully after just a few days rest I can train again.

What do you do when you can’t run???