A Hard Reset

12 March, 2018 Off By Renée


Right.  Just as I was back from Poland and putting together a lovely recap of our trip, my mother-in-law became ill again.  Only this time, she didn’t get better.  We’ve gone through this before, but each time she got better, she found the will to go on just a little longer.  But this time…  we could see it in her eyes… she was ready to go.

Suddenly my trip seemed like it was ages ago, blogging didn’t matter, in fact social media didn’t matter (which, I think is LOGICAL), all that mattered was to get through the process to see her buried with her husband she lost so long ago, all that mattered was to be there for my husband, his family, my stepkids.

Training for a marathon?  Challenges?  Working on my diet?  Nope.  Didn’t matter.

She’s free now from pain, from heartache, from losing all her loved ones, from that stupid wheelchair, from living in a home, from not being able to talk due to multiple strokes.  She’s free.  I imagine her running around above the clouds, dancing and singing.  Maybe even riding her bike.  She’s free.  It’s a good thing.

And though it’s still fairly fresh I know in my heart of hearts she doesn’t want us to be sad and she certainly doesn’t want her son to forget about his Boston Marathon Dream Race.

Now’s the time to start up again.  But, damn.  I would love to have a do-over.  While we have already had some fun times, losing Ron’s mum really overshadows all of it.

the kids and their grandma


So, this week is a hard reset.  I’m not saying I haven’t trained or run or done anything else.  Sure.  We did things.  But the energy just wasn’t there to come back to the blog and write about it.

This week is the reset.  I’ll be catching up again with everyone shortly.

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