Week 15: Boston Bound as Supporter + Marathon Training Continues

Super Tricky week this week and as this is published we’re not even finished with it. As I am Boston Bound, I thought I’d at least update until now and then hopefully have a nice trip recap when I’m back.


You may or may not know, I use a bullet journal to plan my weeks and to make sure that I write stuff down (and cross it off!) to get things accomplished. Some weeks are better than others.  Sometimes I plan out the week and then I don’t even look at my journal… so it’s not a perfect system but when I’m REALLY strapped for time then I basically force myself to use it to FOCUS better on what I need to do.


Basically, FOCUS and Get Shit Done.


So I was planning out my week, totally overwhelmed with when exactly I was going to have time for training and I came up with this:


Monday – forced rest day, shopping for trip, laundry, tidy up a bit at home
Tuesday – body weight exercises on the plan – 5:30 wake up
Wednesday – Intervals; warmup, 1 mile interval with 400m recovery x 3 cool down
Thursday – 45 min easy run, packing, check-in, final errand run if there was still something needed
Friday – Fly Day
Saturday – Expo Day, Easy Run ?
Sunday – Bike Tour

I feel like with the plan I can actually get through the week.

Let’s see how it actually panned out:

Monday –   Last week I actually called the physio to make an appointment for dry needling.  I can feel the tension again in my bum and hip (left side) so I wanted to nip that right in the bud (butt? haha).  I talked to her as well about the possibility of peroneal tendinitis (yet another of my theories regarding my toe/ foot) and asked her what she would think of acupuncture in my foot (again).  She hit me up six times in my hip (gluteus medius) – OUCH – and then I went to work.  Yep, dry needling for breakfast!  Anyway this is the reason for a forced rest day though I did walk 3.5KM at lunch; there is no point of getting dry needling and then wrecking it later with running intervals.  I made a list of things I needed to get at the store (toiletries) and things I wanted to accomplish at home and did all the things.  YES.   Then later the hubs and I watched the 20 minutes Boston Marathon course video and a few other motivational videos to get in the mood.  (the “mood” being extremely nervous hahaha! Poor guy!)

made sure my stuff was ready to go for the morning


Tuesday – alarm was set for 5:30, I was out and doing my exercises at 5:45. In total 9 different body weight exercises for core, legs and bum, 3 sets of 10.  Sorry to the downstairs neighbor for dropping the kettlebell… oops.  Another busy day at work and then off to job number 2 with the bike (total biking for the day 11.4KM)

sweaty even.


Wednesday – It dawned on me yesterday that doing my 45 min easy run at 5 am might be a bit more realistic than the intervals so I’ve switched these two workouts around.  Since my friend is here from Seattle, and the only chance to see him is tonight, I had to do the run in the morning.  But I wouldn’t actually call it running, it was more like “wogging”.  Running in the morning is so much harder during the week than on the weekends.  On Tuesday nights I’m on my feet for hours with massage, then I go home and I don’t sleep well.  My squats and lunges definitely had an impact as well.  I’m a giant sore muscle.

I can pretty much sweat in any weather and at any time of the day.
finish line

Dinner was fun and I was glad to see my friend Dave;  we were actually home at a decent hour as well.


Thursday –  Busy day again at work.  I’m tired.  Actually I’m exhausted.  I attempted to run after work and my legs felt like cement blocks. I’ve packed my running clothes so hopefully I’ll get a run or two in (no, not hopefully, I WILL!).

The weather is looking absolutely dreadful for marathon day.  Poor Ron.  Training for 6 months only to have mother nature dump down on everyone on race day.


It’s now Friday, extremely early and we are about to head out. See you all on the flippity flip!

So, tell me –   do you use a planner or bullet journal to get stuff done?  Or do you have any other tricks or tips to keep your focus on what you want to accomplish?

What was the worst weather you ever had to run in?

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