WRD: Week 33 The Minimalist

22 August, 2021 Off By Renée

Here’s my same old song and dance again… too much going on and I basically did the absolute minimum this week.

On Monday the garden guys arrived to revamp our entire back garden area. It was too much concrete for my liking, the plants seemed to just be weeds and a poor old Dogwood tree had been hidden in the back completely neglected. We’d already gotten the new stairs, now it was time to level out the patio area to the same level as both neighbors, put a new fence in, move the shed and make room for plants (next part of the project). The Dogwood has been moved where it can be tended to and we are more friendly with one neighbor (the one we share the fence with ) and pissed off the other. You can’t win them all.

They were finally done Friday morning and they did help with putting up the fence (thank goodness), but not without more bags of money exchanging hands. It’s fine, it would have taken us DAYS instead of HOURS.

Enough of that, let’s get to the Weekly Run Down

Here’s how the week went:

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Deborah and Kim are the amazing hosts for the Weekly Run Down! Feel free to join in as well to wrap up your week in fitness!

Fitness Week 33

Monday – 4.25KM walk
Tuesday – 4KM walk
Wednesday – 11.45KM biking
Thursday – 12.45KKM biking
Friday – 3 KM slow and sexy walk
Saturday – a lot of walking, not recorded
Sunday – heading out for a bike ride in between rain showers

Monday– I decided pretty much last minute to take half a day off. The Garden Guys have started our back yard project and Ron had the whole day off. In the afternoon we went with the neighbour to pick out a new fence since it affects both back yards. Crazy how the expenses add up for a frickin fence! Later I went to cryotherapy (because the machine wasn’t cold enough in the morning so they advised to come later) and then I went for a walk. It was pretty much grey and cool all day but on my walk I had a bit of sun.

Tuesday– absolutely cold, dreary and wet. And the Garden Guys continued on, obviously, because they are used to that. Ron also got out and got his hands dirty. I lost all hope motivation to do anything, but managed to out out for a 4KM walk since it’s the minimum I could do.

Wednesday -Back in the office again. And as I imagined, no real opportunity to walk or run. Did bike in total 11.45KM, but that was to and from work and then to and from the shopping center after work.

Thursday– there’s a theme here. RAIN. COLD. Had an MLD appointment in the middle of the afternoon so had to skip lunch break. Biked to my appointment, 12.45KM.

Friday– It was a fairly ok day weather-wise. Ron took the day off work so that we could clean up a bit after the garden guys finished. My neighbour also was gracious enough to let us use his back yard (though we found out later the garden guys didn’t say anything to him about doing work back there and everything was covered in dust… he was not happy at all) so we wanted to clean up back there as well. We went into town, had lunch and bought the neighbor a thank-you gift. So that was basically my movement for the day (there may have been an ice cream stop on the way home…)

And of course Friday we were also preparing for … LAUNCH DAY!!

Saturday – Sonsbeek parkrun official launch!!!

We did it! We finally had our inaugural event! 33 participants (10 more than at the test) and 14 volunteers. We had a few challenges but nothing that couldn’t be solved luckily! And the nicest bit was that a lot of people joined afterwards for coffee and a snack. We were so lucky with the weather (but you know I photoshopped that blue sky into the below photo haha!) as it remained dry throughout the morning.

Now the real challenge begins – for a few weeks I will be trying to find enough volunteers to pull it off every week, and hopefully in about a month or so more will come forward wanting to help. I don’t want to push people into volunteering; I’d rather it just be organic. But so far people are indeed already mailing me and contacting me via various social media channels to say they want to help.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Sunday- as of publishing this post, I’m about to head out for a bike ride in between showers. Hopefully I can get a good hour’s worth in.

A quick note on recovery

I’m now 11 Weeks Post-Op, no real changes, still going to cryotherapy and MLD and this week I got more silicone tape to cover the entire scar. Nothing really to report – I haven’t done any real heavy exercise for my core so I’ve no idea how affected I might be, but Michele reminded me to actually start to get serious again about core work in her Fit Five Friday post. So, that’s now back on the radar!!

That’s a wrap!

How was your week? Anything big happen for you this week?