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30 December, 2022 18 By Renée
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Fit Five Friday meets the Runfessional for the last time this year!

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Let’s Do This

It’s been another hot minute since I last posted.  Truthfully that was not really my intention.  However, since I started my new job in November it’s been even more challenging to do, well, just about anything.

I did not want to have the very last runfessions of the year pass me by, so here we are!  My Last Five Runfessions for 2022!

How it started

I runfess that this year started with good intentions and the desire to reach a few goals, namely the Half Marathon of Berlin (didn’t happen) and the Chicago Marathon (did happen, but whoah what a tough day that was!).  Unfortunately I started having issues with my right knee and my left foot was giving me even more trouble than usual.  I really have to runfess that I am super sad that things worked out they way they did, but, it is what it is right? 

well, at least that’s done

How it’s going

I runfess that I thought this was my worst mileage year ever and lo and behold I’ve actually run almost 200KM more than last year.  Not only that, I ran more than 2019, 2020 AND 2021.  Weird.  I runfess it FEELS like I barely ran this year.  Like, am I even a runner anymore?  (I know. I am. ) It kind of helps to put a different perspective on things.

How I’d like it to be (aka goals)

To be honest, I runfess that I don’t have huge goals at the moment.  I’d like to do a few races, maybe, but lordt please slap the computer out of my hand if I even start to register for a marathon again.  I’m not in a good place for that, not with body and not with mind.  But, if I’m honest, I runfess that I do have it in mind that I run or run/walk at least one 5KM course a week.  If that’s a parkrun, great.  If that’s just getting out and getting in town, the park or even out in my favourite spot Meinerswijk, super.  And while I am not into streaking, I’d like to run, walk or run/walk at least 1km per day. That should put me at about 575KM next year (combo walking and running).

november goals


I runfess that I’ve already signed up for an 8KM race (kind of an odd distance but I think that’s what, 5miles or so?) in February.  So that means I need to get my bum in gear!!  Somehow I also convinced Ron to join me.  Oh, did I mention?  He’s having some issues with running consistency as well.  It’s been, well, quite a year for both of us.   I am also considering another race I think in April that would be a 10KM.

Just the 8KM – 3rd time this distance, 6th time at this race
This will be my first time at this race in Deventer, if I sign up

Other Stuff

I runfess I currently have enough energy to focus on my new job and commuting 1 to 2 times a week and that’s about it.  I went to the gym a couple of times and I worked out at home a couple of times, but my habit seems to have left the building without informing me.  I runfess that I signed up for RED January again and have already started moving daily to get a bit of a kick start.  If you don’t know what RED January is, it’s a challenge for mental health and wellness.  There is a fundraising bit which I don’t do, but I donate to the charity at the end of the challenge (It’s a UK based charity).  RED stands for Run Every Day, but the idea is actually to get any movement in that you can, so walking, biking, gym, yoga, dancing – whatever brings you joy on that day.   I feel like this will help me to get back into my rhythm again.  In fact, I know it will!

What are YOUR runfessions?

Are you content with your running year, or disappointed? Have you got big plans for the new year? Are you thinking about goals or changes you want to make next year? What races have you already signed up for?

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