Fit Five Friday and the Ultimate Coffee Date – Feb 2024 Edition

January has come and gone. It’s time to grab a cup of Joe or tea and catch up with each other. On the first Friday of the month, we join in on the Ultimate Coffee Date; grab a seat and share about how things are going for you!

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Ultimate Coffee Date – February 2024 Edition

Let’s have a look at how the last month has been, shall we?

If we were having coffee

First of all, I ‘d tell you that RED January is complete. The purpose of RED or originally monikered after Run Every Day, but now more about moving every day, is to bring awareness to how movement can positively effect those struggling with their mental health. And boy am I ever struggling, so, how appropriate.

I have continued my walk streak which started last year with RED and in January I moved every day, with a total of 80KM walking (that’s my base movement of choice).

I did not promote it as I usually do on social media, that tells you something for sure. It took everything I had just to complete it, and had to do 3 walks indoors as I was just too sick to get outside.

If we were having coffee

I’d tell you that running hasn’t been happening much in January, though I did manage 2 parkruns and one 5.8 kilometer run celebrating my 8 year anniversary with parkrun. Whoo Hooo!

Really hope this improves in February. In fact I hope it all improves in February!

If we were having coffee

I’d mention to you that the company I was interviewing with, that I had 3 interviews and thought was kind of a sure thing? They ghosted me.

I was pretty upset about it, but I’m slowly getting over it. It just is really unbelievable the companies can treat people this way, like candidates don’t deserve the basic decency of even a generic rejection, but hey… there’s literally nothing I can do about it.

In the meantime at my current employer they have offered to move me to a new team to solve the issue. That is rather than tackle the ACTUAL problems in the team, they want to move me to a team where I’d be more suited. On the one hand, great – the team I’d move to has more variation and would utilise my previous background and experience. On the other hand – WTF. So you don’t actually want to hold people accountable for their actions? I feel sorry for the next person who ends up working with these guys.

If we were having coffee

I’d give you a little medical update:

My neuro has prescribed me pregabalin for restless leg syndrome. It seems to help a bit but… sometimes it’s still there and still very annoying. He also had me do a sleep study; I get the results next Monday but from my own attempt at an interpretation it would seem like I have mild sleep apnea. I did a bit of reading about how to make it less and all of the tips online basically say “lose weight”, “exercise” “limit alcohol” “sleep enough”. For real. So what if you DO all those things (except losing weight since it’s impossible since you can’t sleep and likely your body is producing too much cortisol…)???

My internist has put me on metformin. He didn’t see anything that worrisome from the blood tests we did but he thought maybe this could help regulating insulin (since apparently you can have normal blood fasting sugars and still have insulin issues?) and hunger levels and that maybe it could help with weight loss. It’s early days (I’m on week 2) so we shall see.

In January I have also taken a bit of a hit with vertigo (again) and the flu. And not being super mentally stable at the moment this hasn’t helped. But the way I see it is, I have two choices: 1) Give up or 2) move on.

If we were having coffee

I would tell you it’s good to have things to look forward to! We went to Vienna for Ron’s birthday and had the best time! And this month we are headed to the States (in just over 2 weeks!). I hope to be a bit better by then (surely I will be!!) and I’m looking forward to being back in New Mexico, seeing my family and eating all of the tacos and enchiladas.

What would you tell me over coffee?

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12 thoughts on “Fit Five Friday and the Ultimate Coffee Date – Feb 2024 Edition

  1. US visit? Now that’s exciting.

    I wish you could stop in NY.

    Walking everyday is an accomplishment. Congrats.

    Hope you can solve some of your medical issues. And get back to running more in Feb.

    The job move sounds promising. I’m lucky to not interact too much with my office.

    1. yes! I’m excited. New Mexico is pretty far from NY though, too bad I can’t go everywhere! Thanks – let’s see how all of the things go moving forward!

  2. I’m sorry you’ve had such a rough month. Hopefully February will be a turning point.

    A lot of companies seem to tolerate bad behavior because it’s easier to look away than rectify it — especially when the people who could do something aren’t the ones who have to cope with the BS.

    I hope the move works out!

    1. I hope so too Coco. And my company supposedly has a zero tolerance policy on this kind of BS but I’ve been told it’s harder to solve than anticipated…anyway, can’t get worse so lets see what happens.

  3. That’s a bummer on the job situation. Hopefully things will be more tolerable with your move (?), even though is it more of a bandage than a solution. I hope February goes better for you <3

    1. Thanks Kim. I hope so too. I wonder when they are going to bring it up with me again. I don’t want to move without meeting the team and knowing exactly what my job is supposed to be!

  4. It’s been a tough month. Kudos on getting the RED goal in.
    I’ve been doing some recruiting for the project I’m doing. We don’t ghost people but it’s been slow AF. Did you contact them?
    I hope your trip home lifts your spirits!

    1. Thanks Erica.
      I definitely contacted them. Nothing.
      I’m really looking forward to the trip, in anything just to load up on clothes that don’t cost a fortune that actually fit!! Oh, of course besides seeing my family. LOL !

  5. I can’t believe they just ghosted you. So awful and rude.
    I wish I could get to New Mexico to have tacos and enchiladas with you! Have the most wonderful time with your family.
    Despite all the challenges, you really are doing amazing things. I am forever proud.

  6. I’m really sorry it was a tough month. I can’t believe the company just ghosted you – unbelievable.
    Great job keeping your walk streak going! And how fun to be visiting the States – I hope you have a great time with your family!

  7. It’s so frustrating when companies do that. :[ I’m sorry that you’re having to deal with that.

    Sorry to hear that you’re dealing with RLS! They’ve very likely already checked this, but if your ferritin level is low, that can sometimes lead to RLS symptoms too.

    I hope you have fun spending time with your family + that you get to eat all the good things!

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