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Stages of Grief When Faced with Not Running

So. I made it 48 days on my run streak. I decided yesterday to stop. Since last week, around Thursday or Friday, my right knee started hurting. Same kind of pain I had years ago with my left knee. Back then I was out of the running for 5 months. 5 MONTHS. I can’t be…

By Renée 19 January, 2017 Off

Week 12 – #roadtoberlin Update

The week I was going to change my attitude. And mostly, I’d say that happened. So, SUCCESS! However, sometimes things don’t always go to plan and you really have to look at things in retrospect and accept your situation. My situation is that I’m just not completely healed from my operation. I probably won’t be…

By Renée 29 August, 2016 Off