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Week 13 – getting closer #roadtoberlin

Monday – rest day. It must not have been very exciting because I honestly can’t remember anything that happened on this day! Tuesday – Intervals! 15 min warmup then 3 x 1 KM (5:58 / 5:43 / 5:47) with 1:30 rest in between, then 3 minutes rest and again 3 x 1KM (5:41/ 5:37 /…

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Week 12 – #roadtoberlin Update

The week I was going to change my attitude. And mostly, I’d say that happened. So, SUCCESS! However, sometimes things don’t always go to plan and you really have to look at things in retrospect and accept your situation. My situation is that I’m just not completely healed from my operation. I probably won’t be…

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Week 11 – Attitude Adjustment Needed

I was hoping Week 11 would be a better week. I still had the feeling it could have been better. I see how everyone is training at the moment and I know I should not compare myself to others (that’s hard). I am honestly doing the best that I can right now. I want to…

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