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Week 30 + July Recap

*I always liked this 30 Seconds To Mars song, but now it’s on the playlist of the new BodyPump release – so it’s constantly in my head (and I have the desire to grab some weights and do bicep curls)     Not gonna lie, glad it’s the end of July.  Don’t mind me while…

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May Goals + Week 18 – Now We are Planning

Week 17 recap is here;  I’m not certain it was seen and it’s not important that it’s read, but just in case. (Mainly running woes, getting a tinnitus masker/hearing aid, feeling a bit crappy, then having a good run despite falling after only 1 mile.  Oh and pizza.  Yummmm).     This week my intention…

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Getting in the Flow:: Week 1/2017

We made it through the first week! Here’s a little recap of week 1. I had great intentions. It wasn’t as I envisioned. As I am the only one responsible for my actions I can only learn from each week. So anyhoo, here we go: On the 1st of January here in Arnhem I took…

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