Daily 09/11 – What Now?

OK. I am incredibly bored now.

One can only lay around like a lazy sod for so long.  As much as I LOVE being lazy and doing nothing, this really sucks.  Moreover, I’ve done silly things like read stories on the internet about people who went through 3 months of healing time after the same type of operation I had and still not be all right.  Makes me feel so much better.  Will this Fat Girl ever run again???

There’s lazy and there’s sloth. I’m bordering on sloth.  But what can I do?  Honestly?  Nothing.  I can barely hobble to the WC without doing myself harm, let alone attempt at any sort of cardio or other exercise form (though I did do the “bicycle” in bed earlier, but got pretty bored with that as well). I know I need to have patience – does anyone have any to spare?

At least today I planned on eating somewhat healthily and sticking to or under points and I did do that:

Breakfast – coffee, 1 kiwi

Lunch – 2 slices of toast, 2 triangles of Laughing cow light, 2 tomatoes in slices

Snack – 2 mandarins
sandwich with 1 slice LF cheese, 40gr chicken lunch meat, Calve Extra Light Mayo

Dinner – Chicken Jalfrezi and basmati rice

Water: 2 litres
Total Points: 20.5
Savings: 1.5
fruit and veg: just enough

OK Universe. PLEASE get me through the next several days. PLEASE.