Ridiculousness and My Biggest Food Mistake this week

As my mood goes up and down from this whole foot and back fiasco, so does my eating.  It’s crazy and ridiculous and it’s never actually made me feel better. At all.  Obviously I’m not stupid and I know this but my behaviour sends a different message.  I have some negativity going on in my head right now and that needs to stop.  So yesterday, yet again, I started over and logged my points and felt like I did really well.  In fact I DID do really well, nothing wrong with yesterday’s intake at all.  Today the plan was to do the same exact thing.  Eat well. Track my points. Stay within the limit, but I’ve already fouled that one up without even realising…

You see, my biggest food mistake this week, actually something I wanted to try for ages and I thought it looked healthy enough. 

That’s the thing… and that’s where all of us chubbies go wrong… we THINK something looks harmless, healthy, beneficial and it turns out to be 12 points for 30 grams.  12 Points!!!  I am so disappointed and gutted that I’ve eaten this especially on the days I wasn’t tracking.  Not only is it no good for MY particular way of eating/lifestyle, it’s expensive and I’ve now put it in the bin.  What a waste on all sides.  I don’t like throwing food away (I hardboiled 4 eggs yesterday and forgot to put them in the refrigerator overnight so I can chuck those too), because food is not only costly and I am already limited, but I am one of those people who constantly think about how many people I could feed with what I’ve just tossed (don’t get me started on rice – I’ll use it in anything just so I don’t have to throw away the extra that my husband has made).

Did I learn something?  Oh yes… and in fact I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy a WW calculator so I can use it in the supermarket to avoid doing this again.  Stupid Muesli!!

On Saturday I saw 80.8 KG.  Today 81.5.  I am better than this ridiculousness that I have been portraying to, well, only myself, but that’s as much audience as I need.  I am not going to reach my goals feeling sorry for myself and comforting myself with food


  1. Cali369 says:

    12 points for 30 grams doesn’t mean it isn’t healthy, just it isn’t particularly good if you’re trying to lose weight. Dorset Cereals make great cereals but because they pack them full of nuts and dried fruit, low cal they aren’t! And you could argue that they are pretty healthy/beneficial because the fat and sugar come from natural sources (nuts & dried fruit).

    1. pinkymcpie says:

      well, I’m not sure I was saying that it was unhealthy, but when you only have 23 points per day (on the old system, now I have 29), that’s more than half for a very measly 30 grams. I’d rather spend 12 points on a beautiful piece of salmon (and that would be a big piece) and get a lot more health and nutrition benefits from it.

      30gr of cereal is not enough to satisfy me, so I won’t be eating it again, even if it is healthy!! There are many other choices out there :)

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