Oh How Embarrassing

Moving right along.

It’s Sunday and I’m packing my bag for the gym.  I’ve got some new music on my iPod and I’m even going to brave the snow and go out on my bike to get to the gym.

I still want to have a think about how I can improve my blog to make it more interesting and appealing.  And I’m officially going to stop whining about no comments or visitors – it’s embarrassing and slly and unnecessary.

5 thoughts on “Oh How Embarrassing

  1. I’m here, too!

    I understand how you feel. I think you need to just keep blogging! People will connect with your words, or they won’t – and that’s okay. Eventually you’ll find a core group of blogging friends that will be here and will comment regularly.

    1. Oh, don’t worry about it. I was just totally spazzing out like the dork that I am sometimes!!

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