No Change is Good Change

I’m now 16 days post-op and feeling great actually! Yesterday I got my stitches out and, while I have a wee bit of pain in my foot, it’s kind of like when you have a blister that’s healing – that level of pain. Which is basically nothing! I would post a photo of right before I got the stitches out but I’m pretty sure I’d drive away the only lovely people I have coming here.

I have been able to be active since Saturday. I rode my bike to town and back and I think I spent the entire time grinning from ear to ear. On Sunday I went to Nijmegen to “work” at Sportmassage024’s tent at the Ronde van Nijmegen. While I was on my feet quite a lot and it was sometimes a bit painful, it went really well. To be honest, massaging cyclists who just biked between 75 and 160 kilometers was harder on my body than standing on my feet. Great experience though! In the end I ended up with well over 10K steps, which is the most I’ve had since the 1st of May!


On Monday I felt well enough to go and support the hubs and my other lovely friends from SocialMile at De Kroon Ooyse Landloop in Oud Zevenaar (quite close to where we live). Hubs decided pretty much at the last minute to run the 10K with our friend (and my often running partner) Vincent so that Vinny could get a PR. Was it hard to be at a race and not run? YES, it was. However, I was even more happy to be there to see Gerrit (my newest running buddy) run his 2nd 5K and pretty much smash up his record! The weather was not as awful as predicted (as in, it stayed dry) either. (Monday was a national holiday in the Netherlands, in case you are wondering).


Back to work with the bike after quickly going to the doctor yesterday morning for stitch removal. At lunch I walked just a kilometer around the parking and buildings at lunch. Today I did the same and did an extra bike ride of around 6KM. So, we are getting there!

And about the “no change”… This morning decided to get on the scale to assess any damage (yes… because I still tend to eat chocolate or other crap when I’m not feeling 100%) and NO CHANGE since the last time I weighed in on the 27th of April – 73.3KG. This still has to change eventually(well “has to”, more like I want it to change) and I’m still not really sure how to get my motivation back in this area. It’s hard to explain but I feel very alone with regards to getting my weight and my running on track. With running it seems to be a bit easier because generally I have a training plan that tells me what to do. But with food tracking and losing weight… not so much. I don’t go to WW anymore (and not going to, no time anyway and to be honest I’m just finito with WW!) and My Fitness Pal has never really been a replacement for in person support. Ah to be back in the good old days when I had my Yahoo Club (who remembers Yahoo Clubs???) and my mates and I checked in with each other daily and helped each other reach our goals! Anyway, I know, boo fricking hoo. I’ll suck it up and manage!

Still some stuff to do for school, slowly getting there!!

Do you remember how it felt when you were injured or sick and you were able finally to be active again? Tell me about your experience!

Also are you on MyFitnessPal and want to connect?