Friday Five – 5 Foods I’m currently obsessed with

Hello again and welcome to another edition of the Friday Five!

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So this week is food and drink, and I thought I’d share with you 5 Food and drink items I’m currently obsessed with:

1) Light Cream Cheese (Albert Heijn store brand)

Ok, so it’s just cream cheese really, but this stuff is like drugs! It’s made with mild yoghurt and buttermilk. I don’t “do” a lot of light products but this stuff is just amazing. I think, if left to my own devices, I could eat an entire package in one sitting! Which is why I tend to use a tablespoon to measure it out and not get nuts…

2) Homemade egg salad – actually I’m just obsessed with eggs. What a bad rap they’ve had over the past few decades! First they were bad for you. Then you should only eat the whites. Then they were ok again but don’t eat to many. I’ve been tested many times over the last several years and I have no issue with cholesterol so I continue to eat eggs. Almost In my homemade egg salad I simply mix 2 almost hard-boiled eggs with … you guessed it, 1 TBSP light cream cheese and 2 tsp mustard. Simple but not boring. If I have more time (since I make it in the morning to put on my toast) I may add something else like spring onions or finely chopped bell pepper or I may even add slices of cucumber.

3) Choc Chick Raw Organic Cacao Powder from Holland & Barrett
This stuff is the bomb. So far I have only added it to my oatmeal and my buttermilk frozen fruit smoothies but it’s just the right amount of chocolate to satisfy cravings!! From the website: Sourced ethically and directly from cooperatives in Ecuador, CHOC Chick’s single origin organic raw cacao powder comes from the Nacional Arriba Fino de Aroma cocoa bean. This un-dutched and minimally processed cacao powder is not only free from dairy, sugar and additives, but is exceptional in its taste and quality.

I usually use 1 tablespoon and it’s really plenty!

4) Moroccan Mint Tea from Lipton – OK so it’s nothing “special” but this tea I literally drink every.single.evening. before I go to bed. It’s just a really lovely tea, no caffeine and it tastes so good.

I have tried loads of herbal teas, some more “special” (price is usually special too) than others but this one is just the one I want to have to wind down and relax.

5) Hummus – whether you make your own or just buy it on the fly, I feel like you can never ever go wrong with hummus! I have been buying it at work recently, spreading it usually on crackers. I am thinking of making my own again, even a “paleo” version that I made many moons ago (with zucchini/courgette) because it’s just so damn tasty and healthy. In the right quantities of course!

What are you food/drink obsessed with? Do you also drink tea in the evening? Do you make your own hummus? Are two eggs every day bad for you? (ha! I just had to throw that in- poor Eggs!)

8 thoughts on “Friday Five – 5 Foods I’m currently obsessed with

    1. mayo is one of those things where my “dab” is usually someone else’s “dollop” :) but I’m not sure I’m doing myself any favors with the cream cheese…

  1. OMG I love eggs and eat them daily. Don’t even get me started on all the cholesterol bullcrap. I never got the no-yolk thing either. That’s where the freaking vitamins are!

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