Friday Five: Five Things I’m Pondering About At the Moment

I’m struggling with blogging, everyone.  Whether I’m training or not I feel like my week is the same or at least quite similar to the week before.  So I’m likely going to stop my weekly update.  But I’m not sure.  Don’t mind me while I try to figure things out over here.




It’s Friday and I thought I’d join the Friday Five with Fitness and Fairytales!   This week I want to share with you five things I’ve been pondering about lately:


  •  What to do next?  Seriously.  I’m so uninspired now.  Post Marathon blues have hit me and hit me hard.  What’s the next challenge?   I don’t even feel like running right now.  I will because, duh, I can’t’ really go that long without it!


  • To Cross-Fit or to not Cross-Fit, that seems to be the question.  To be honest, I’d love to try it but dear Lord, when?  I already have running, RPM and bodypump.  My gym offers something called CrossBox (yeah, it’s pretty much like CF I guess) but to be honest I’m intimidated.  Gah.  I don’t know why though!!

  • I want to get even more serious about my weight and my body fat percentage.  I think the only way to do a marathon under 5 hours is to be leaner.  I also want chocolate.   At this moment I can’t seem to choose.  I keep saying to myself “Garbage in, garbage out” and yet another piece of chocolate goes into my pie hole.  Just like that.

  • I haven’t really mentioned it here on the blog, because other things were going on, but I’m going to Las Vegas for Rock’n’Roll Weekend.  This is my last hurrah.  I’m pondering not applying for Rock’n’Blog next year.  Well, I’m 99.9% certain I won’t apply.  That means I will never be able to afford Vegas.  Better to go now when I do have the benefit as a rock ‘n’ blogger to do the races for free.

    Fun Fact:  Did you  know I got married in Las Vegas?  It’s actually the last time I was there, almost 10 years ago.



  • We are still busy in the house and have both decided that having a house full of IKEA furniture is not all that bad.  I never really wanted this until recently – our apartment is very small and at the beginning of this year I decided it was time to makes some changes and get rid of stuff I don’t need.   So now that things are going, we are actually ok with IKEA stuff so that what we have left can be stored away properly.  We are getting there.  I’m now officially considering getting rid of my dressoir/hutch where we have the television.  It’s one of the ONLY things I have here from New Mexico.  I know where I come from though – I don’t need a huge clunky thing in my living room to remind me.



OK so not all Fitness or Running related but I do feel that to be healthy overall it’s good to incorporate everything in your life that adds value.  And if it doesn’t, it should go. That means tangible (material possessions) and intangible (Fear of trying new things).   My brain is crazily pondering changes and moving forward.  I think before the end of the year things will be a little bit more clear of what my next goals and projects will be.


In other news, our cat Elvis was very sick suddenly last week and unfortunately died yesterday.  My whole week has been kind of wrecked.  Wondering if he would pull through, dreaming about him, not being able to concentrate and quite some emotional eating.  It sucks.  We really were hoping he was going to be ok.  We have 3 other cats and once this pain subsides a bit we are going to take all 3 in for testing to see if things are ok.  Spooky is now the oldest (around 12), Nena is 8 and Priscilla is 6.   For some people, animals are just pets, but for me, they are my family, my babies.


So let me ask you –

  1.  What’s your next big or small goal?
  2. Have you gone to cross-fit?  did you feel nervous at first?
  3. Do you have good intentions and then go off the rails when stress hits?
  4. Have you run Rock’n’Roll Las Vegas?
  5. IKEA showroom apartment or not?




Hope everyone has a good weekend!

27 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Things I’m Pondering About At the Moment

  1. I wrote on my blog today about being uninspired over the past 2 weeks. I think I’m just in a funk and need to feel my way out of it.

    I hope that you have fun at RnR Vegas. I know a lot of awesome people are going this year.

    I was so sorry to hear about Elvis when I saw your post on IG yesterday :( Animals really are family members and it’s so heartbreaking when they pass. I’m so sorry for your loss :(

    1. I saw your post! I think there are more of us out there right now who feel like this? wonder if it’s just the time of year or what?
      I’m really looking forward to Vegas!
      Thank you so much. We are really missing him. The whole household is off balance at the moment.

  2. Oh I’m so sorry about Elvis. It’s so hard. When I’m uninspired I back off but don’t stop entirely. That applies to running and blogging. I think it’s fine (and fun) to talk about things other than running sometimes. Have so much fun in Vegas. I am seriously considering not applying for RnR either.

    1. Thanks Marcia.
      I’m definitely trying to take a step back and do things (running, blogging) with more focus instead of willy nilly or not having my heart in it 100%. And I’m going to move my blog next year anyway to a different host so now’s the chance to make some slow transition.
      I’m looking forward to Vegas! I think you have enough on your plate next year anyway, and my personal opinion is that there is not much added value anyway. I mean ok you get into the races but there’s not much more than that.

  3. I am so sorry about Elvis! It is so hard to lose a pet. (((hugs))) How fun to be married in Vegas. We renewed our vows there (with an Elvis impersonator) for our 10th anniversary. I struggle to fit in all the fitness things I want to do. Maybe try the crossbox at your gym and see. Don’t be afraid — you can do hard things!

    1. Thanks very much for your condolences.
      you already do a lot of fitness classes plus getting the Scooby Miles in ;) but I can imagine that you see another class and think “hmmm, I’d like to try that” At least, that’s what happens to me. I’m just curious and definitely like a challenge! I am going to start with the class at the gym. watch this space!
      how fun that you renewed your vows in Vegas!

  4. I’m with you on so many levels today, lol. No amount of chocolate is enough!

    Professionally, I’m fundamentally against CrossFit for many reasons. If you’re already doing those other classes, then stick with them.

    I was a Rock N’ Blogger a couple of years ago, but got injured toward the end of the year, when I was supposed to run LV. My husband and friends ran it, and it looked like such a blast. Enjoy!

    1. so many of us in the chocolate situation this week!

      are you a PT? I spoke with one of the physio’s I work with and she did say to me that I could better stick with bodypump and at least check out the crossbox class at my gym. she said the biggest issue is that people let themselves get pulled in to the competitiveness of crossfit and then they get hurt. I know how I am and how I got injured as a runner a few years ago (FOMO and wanting to do what everyone else was doing) so likely I’ll at least start with the gym class and maybe I don’t even like it? you know?

      I’m looking forward to LV. It’s going to just be for fun and not time.

  5. So sorry about Elvis. My cat is over 20 and am expecting it soon but still will be hard.

    You can re-new your vows. So many get married or re-married during the race.

    Vegas is so fun. You will have a blast.

    I am a rock n blogger but the only drivable US race is Montreal and I did it. It is expensive if you have to fly and pay for a hotel. Not sure if I will re-apply.

    Goals for me??? Run. Stay healthy. Remain reasonably fast. Full marathon? I can get in NYCM but I can’t imagine running 26.2 miles and training alone for one.

    1. Thanks Darlene. and whoah – a cat over 20! My Frankie was 18 and I already thought that was old! Give your baby extra love, you never know when it can happen now…

      Ron isn’t going with me to Vegas so no re-newing :) But I am meeting up with my friend Tina whom I’ve known for many years now. She’s my Canadian Sister from Another Mister. Funnily enough Ron said to me “You aren’t going to marry Tina there are you?” haha! Nope. Already married so not allowed ;) I’m looking forward to it.

      i’ve spent a LOT doing RNR races, especially in the beginning. I think my first year I did 4 races. I will continue to do Liverpool. I can usually work the budget for Liverpool though; flights are cheap and hotel is reasonable. But I’m kind of done with Dublin (3 times) and Lisbon (did the Half and the Full) and the only one left is Madrid which, if we decided to do it at some point can also be reasonably priced. No more RnR races for me in the US though. That’s over.

      Those are good goals. I’m curious if you will reach a decision to do the full. Training for 26.2 is HARD by yourself. I do that most of the time. But that makes you mentally tough as well.

  6. I am so sorry about Elvis ! It is not easy to lose a pet – they are so much a part of the family.

    Yay for Las Vegas! I ran it a couple of years ago and had such a blast. I’m pretty sure I won’t re-apply for RocknBlog – with the elimination of Brooklyn there are fewer and fewer races I can get to without spending a fortune. Also, the program just doesn’t feel the same.

    1. Thank you Michelle – they really are! The other cats feel it now I think. The balance is off.
      I am looking forward to Vegas but it really is the last RnR I’ll likely do in the US. I just can’t afford it otherwise. And yes I know what you mean about the program not feeling the same. it’s different for you guys in NA but for the European RnB’ers, we are practically invisible. It was already a challenge before IronMan, you know?

  7. I am currently eating a piece of chocolate (okay, I had two), while I read this post!

    I am so sorry about your cat! We have labradors and they are our family too so I totally get you!

    My sister is going to RNR Vegas this month too. Maybe you’ll run into eachother!

    Thanks for linking up with us for this new link up!

    1. omg the chocolate consumption is off the charts this week! I will blame Halloween for this (even though we don’t celebrate haha).
      Thanks for the condolences. In a way it’s nice that others get this. Sobbing over the loss of an animal sometimes seems over the top but really it’s not!
      Would be very funny if I would run into your sister!
      Thanks for having the link-up – I’m looking forward to your new format in the future.

  8. I’m so sorry about your cat. My dog is very much family and it breaks my heart that you lost your poor Elvis.
    I hope you have fun in Vegas and enjoy your race! I go to a gym where we do some cross-fit exercises. I absolutely love weight lifting and what it has done for my running!

    1. Thank you Virjinia. I think 90% of pet owners totally get what we are going through.

      I think Vegas will be fun for sure! I’m a bit nervous about the night running thing. i mean, when do I eat my pasta, for breakfast? haha!

      I am going to start off at my local gym to see if I like it. My goal is to try that before the end of November!

  9. I am so sad for you and the loss of your furry baby. I totally get the bond between “mom” and her fur babies. I’m not a nutritionist, but something that has been a good “fit” for me is fasted cardio. it’s not everyone’s thing, for sure, but for me it’s a no-brainer and the fat I’ve lost has been without any extra effort on my part (other than getting my tush out of bed to make the sweat happen LOL). Huge hugs to you and Ron <3

    1. Thank you so much Kim. We definitely can use all the hugs right now.
      coincidentally enough (likely not as I have obviously been reading about your fasted cardio) – fasted cardio and HIIT workouts are on my list of things to explore. So FC is basically your morning workout? and how much time do you spend in the AM doing that?

      1. I try to do at least 20-30 minutes of something every morning. Some days, I have an early morning run, other days I’ll just do a power walk. Now that my marathon recovery is done, I’m gonna bring back some HIIT workouts and/or stair workouts as well.

  10. First of all, I’m really bummed about Elvis. I really, really hoped, like you, he was going to get better. As you know, I’m a cat mumma too :'( So, last weekend, I decided I’m in ‘semi-retirement’ from racing. I’ve got big issues with my parents, and whilst I still love swimming, riding and running, putting it all together kinda sucks at the moment. So I’m taking a step back, learning to love it all again, and just going out for the joy of it all. This morning, instead of parkrun and chasing that elusive PB (plus it was pushing 30degC, and it’s still spring) I went for a ride with hubby and his mates – two coffees, cruisy, just enjoying the ride. I don’t want to be out there pushing for goals, trying to get my times down etc etc. I just want to have fun, and escape the everyday. I always go off the rails when stress hits (hello the last 4 years!). So no big goals, a few little ones. Did I mention there is an IKEA directly across the bay from me :) When we moved here we were so not buying anything from IKEA, however, a few items have crept in as they seem to have great storage solutions for small spaces. Not totally decked out, but a few things here and there. Message me if you want some pics of what I’ve got. xxxx Mel

    1. Thank you so much Mel! And I do get it with the semi-retirement thing. I think after so much training, etc., you just burn out. One needs to then step back and find the joy again. That’s what I’m going for. I’ve been reading about how incredibly hot it is in Australia at the moment! And this is just the beginning.

      I’d love to see your pics :) we are total IKEA enthusiasts now. Likely there will be photos on the blog soon! PM me on FB if you like (or I’ll drop you a line if you don’t see this)

  11. I am so sorry about Elvis. :( My cats are my babies too, so I totally understand your pain. I can’t offer any words to help you feel better because I know it is just a horrible situation that only time will begin to heal. When our Basic died, I went through so many of the normal emotions and strange ones too. I felt guilty petting and holding our other cats because I was scared Basic would be mad at me. Yes, this was after Basic had died. I was scared my dead cat would be made I was petting my alive cats! But it was the first time I lost a pet and my mind was just processing it. I’m sending you lots of hugs. Hang in there.

    1. Thanks Megan. I feel so very guilty about the whole situation. I feel like I should have seen it sooner. I feel guilty that we put him to sleep rather than letting him die naturally. I was a big crying snotting mess at the vet’s office. I hope I didn’t scare away other customers just bringing their babies in for checkups. It’s so hard because how do you really know 100% it’s the right thing to do? You don’t. So we just have to process it and hopefully find peace in it.

  12. I’ve been curious about Cross Fit too but haven’t ever tried it yet, hehe. I’d like to work on my body fat percentage too–I think it’d help me with climbing, but oh food, haha.

    I’m so sorry to hear about Elvis. Losing a beloved pet is never easy–pets are my family as well. :[ Sending lots of love and hugs!

    1. same here Farrah. Food is so good sometimes… that’s why I’m hoping to find a good combination / balance to have all of it!! ha! Thanks so much for your condolences. It’s just so weird here without him.

  13. First, I’m so sorry to hear about Elvis! Cats do work their way into our hearts.

    I have never done Cross Fit, but maybe it would help you out of your post-marathon funk. I know this is crazy, because I have written ad nauseam about being injured, but I have actually been thinking about doing another marathon next weekend. Slowly, of course. If I did, I could join the Marathon Maniacs club, because that would be my 3rd one in less than 90 days. Not sure what I will do…
    I know what you mean about RnR. I used to do a bunch of their races, and they are well-organized and fun, but so expensive. I have found I like the smaller marathon experience better. Logistics are much easier. Have fun in Las Vegas!

  14. I am SO sorry about Elvis. My animals are my furkids, as I call them. I’ve never really lost one suddenly like that; that has to be so hard. :(

    Gizmo is 17 & in kidney failure & probably some other stuff going on. I don’t know how long he has but for now he’s happy and that’s the most important thing to me. I don’t know that we’ll get another cat when he’s gone (the other furkids are dogs), and it will be the first time in my life I’ll be cat-less. Which will be awful. :(

    Big, big hugs.

    I’m not so sure that being leaner is really the golden ticket to a faster marathon. That said, I’d probably be happy if I could do it in 5 hours. My guess is it would take me at LEAST 6 hours. And right now in my life, that’s not what I want.

    Vegas was my very first half. As I like to say, it’s the one that started them all.

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