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The Clock is Ticking

Once again I have prioritized my life as such that the last few weeks I just haven’t had time to continue my updates. But the clock is ticking my friends! Here I am already in Week 8 of 16… so let me at least bring you up to speed with weeks 5 – 7. Week…

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Training so far, The First Weeks (1-4)

I should have known that it wasn’t going to get any easier or that I would have more time somehow after exams! No one can say I have a boring life, that’s for sure! The “real” Week 1 Monday is usually a rest day, but I hadn’t had a chance to go to “Monday, Runner’s…

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January Running

Another year flew by, an exciting year, and 2016 pretty much crashed in like a ton of bricks! On the 31st of December I took the day off and was actually able to run with my beloved running group on the “oliebollenloop”. On the 31st we essentially eat these tasty amazing deep-fried dough balls covered…

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