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The Couch to 5K Program

WRD: Week 29:2021 – The Best Laid Plans

Tweet I’ve decided I’m not going to talk about the stress at work anymore until there’s no stress at work. That way my weekly updates won’t become too redundant with the “omg y’all, work is so stressful blahblahblah” posts. Maybe at some point I can tell you how amazingly wonderful my work days/weeks are. The…

By Renée 25 July, 2021 33

Runner’s Spotlight: Introducing Christine

Tweet A couple of years ago, funnily enough after my last foot surgery, I reached out to several runners to interview them for the blog. When I am looking for motivation, or for people out there who “get” me, I find it very useful and inspiring to talk to runners who possibly have a similar…

By Renée 1 May, 2019 Off