WRD: Week 29:2021 – The Best Laid Plans

25 July, 2021 Off By Renée

I’ve decided I’m not going to talk about the stress at work anymore until there’s no stress at work. That way my weekly updates won’t become too redundant with the “omg y’all, work is so stressful blahblahblah” posts. Maybe at some point I can tell you how amazingly wonderful my work days/weeks are.

The Best Laid Plans – that’s the theme of this week’s WRD

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Fitness for Week 29

Monday – 2.2KM Lunch walk, 8,861 steps in total
Tuesday – C25K Week 1 Run 1 – 3.5KM, 10,139 steps in total
Wednesday – no recorded walk, 8,157 steps in total
Thursday – C25K Week 1 Run 2 – 4 KM, 18,750 steps in total
Friday – 8.65KM biking, 8,495 steps in total
Saturday – Interval Run* 5KM, 15,949 steps in total
Sunday – 42.35 KM biking , 1,683 steps in total

Total Steps: 72,034 – average averaged 10,290.  2.2 KM walking and 12.6KM running in total recorded.

Total Biking: 51KM

The Best Laid Plans

I wanted to get back into RPM, Sprint and Bodypump and I just didn’t have time for it this week. I did extra cryo sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, morning and after work. And I really wanted to start running again – to be honest that was the top priority, even if it was Couch to 5KM intervals.


I’ve now done 15 days in a row cryotherapy, with double sessions this week and to be honest I still don’t know if it helps. I do like it, which sounds crazy, but it’s true! I had no MLD massage this week because they were fully booked. I also went to see my surgeon on Friday (hence the biking Friday) because I felt like my navel was shrinking (if that makes sense) but he says it just the scarring and the healing and that everything looks super good including my incision.

I actually do feel great, I would have never thought I’d feel this good after “only” 7 weeks; basically the only thing I can complain about as per usual is the swelling in the middle of the incision (so right above the bikini line) which, again, is normal.

This week was the first week I also forgot to take my supplements for several days, so I need to get back on that. Also hard to tell if that stuff works, but hey, I bought the stuff so I should use it.


Tuesday and Thursday I did C25K Week 1 and on Saturday I was not planning on running at all, but ended up running random intervals during our parkrun test event. So technically I did the 3 runs, but Saturday’s was longer and I can tell you my legs were not happy!

Tuesday’s Run
Thursday’s Run
It’s going much better for Ron again as well! So happy for him!

Short version: I was so, so happy to start running again! and it felt fine! Just one week ago I attempted to run to see how it felt and I didn’t like the “pulling” feeling at my incision area at all. This week though? No issue.


Only one recorded walk on Monday and it was short. Ron and I wanted to walk around the neighborhood to look at how other people had their front gardens set up. Our little area is just full of pretty plants and flowers! We are inspired but now have to make decisions, which is really hard!

I also walked on Thursday to Sonsbeek to film where we would be setting up all the markers for the parkrun course, which means I walked about 4km unrecorded.


I had just some standard biking on Friday to and from the Clinic in Velp and I also biked unrecorded to town to get a pedicure. I didn’t bike back; I met Ron for a drink afterwards and then he biked home since technically he was still “at work” haha! Anyway I didn’t want to bike with my fresh toes and flip flops on.

On Sunday I biked out to Doesburg; I was inspired by seeing my friend Petra’s stories on IG – she posted about an amazing mural there and I HAD to see it in person. Loved this ride – It was just so great to get out, put my headphones on and ride with lots of green around me. And bonus, in Doesburg they have an amazing little Ice Cream shop where the Straciatella ice cream has real huge chunks of chocolate in it. Yum! On the way back I knew I’d be biking near the windmill in Giesbeek so of course I had to stop there as well.

This windmill existed before WWII but was sadly destroyed during the war; several attempts were made to rebuild it but it never happened.

The young boy on the mural is now the older gentleman who lives in the house. He became a miller when he was a young man.

Sonsbeek parkrun Test Run

Y’all I was really stressed about the test run. Would anyone come? Would we have enough volunteers? Would it be a success? Would I fall apart the minute I had to do the welcome speech in Dutch?

We discovered the night before that one of the wheels had a leak – STRESS!
doing the briefing – always a challenge in a second language!

I can tell you, in the end, there was nothing to worry about. We had 23 participants, 19 of them had a registration barcode, which is GREAT news. People are registering (We had 12 new registrations just last week). There were many people there I didn’t know, but also some of my runner friends showed up, which was amazing. A few of the team from Nijmegen came to run and one of them helped us out at the finish line.

As Tail Walker I get to also chat with the participants at the back if they want – this lady, Desiree, was super nice and so excited to have such an event happen!

Afterwards several of us went to have coffee at “our” cafe in the park. We also got some great feedback and have just a few tweaks to sort out but we are ready to start now.

Ron and I processing the results in the test system – it was a success!
great to have coffee together after the run!

We haven’t officially announced but it will be the 21st of August when we go live. I’m nervous and excited but mostly I’m ready!

That’s a wrap!

I’m not even going to plan anything for next week except for running; there is just too much to deal with at work. I would like to do some additional things to running, but let’s just see how things go.

How was your week? Did you have some good running? How about biking? What was your highlight? Do you like murals and street art?