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Week 3 – B.B.B. Week

Tweet I’M JOINING WENDY AND HOLLY THIS WEEK FOR THE WEEKLY WRAP! JOIN IN WITH YOUR FITNESS RELATED POST TO GET AND RECEIVE SUPPORT FROM OTHER SUPER COOL AND FABULOUS BLOGGERS.   In these parts (the Netherlands) BBB stands for buik, billen en benen  (stomach, butt and legs) and generally this is a low-impact 45 minute class to target these areas. …

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Week 9 – Road to Berlin

Tweet Here we go. Another week. And an exciting one at that! Dublin Trip Week! Monday – rest day. Oh, wait. Boxing boot camp. I’m sore, sore, sore. Like all my muscles hurt. I also went to manual therapy at 7am and there’s definitely something going on with my back. So I had a bit…

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