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Wednesday Food Fest:: Paleo Style

Hey All I know I haven’t written for a while and that’s a combination of too little time and not knowing where to start. I have some stuff on my mind, I want to share it, I REALLY do, but I have to also be careful what I say here on the blog in case…

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Wednesday Food Fest: Paleo Hummous

I’ll be honest with you guys – one thing I really thought I would miss when I started eating in a more “paleo” way was hummous. I love most beans anyway, and I haven’t been 100% bean free since I started this in February – growing up in New Mexico for example we had a…

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Wednesday Food Fest: Lemon Dill Chicken

Admittedly I eat a lot of chicken. I may have mentioned that before. I like it so at least it’s not like I’m choking it down. I find it really easy to make chicken taste good too. So why not, right? Saturday I decided to try out a recipe for my family. I try to…

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