Lost and Gained

I found out recently that somewhere around the end of 2008, the scale at home screamed a painful and loud 98.7 KG at me.

Yesterday I got on the scale and it was a bit friendlier at 81.7KG.

That’s 17 KG I lost in 2009.

In 2008 I would have never thought I could run, not even for the bus.  In 2009, beginning in June I ran a total of 250KM from the time I purchased my new running shoes and joined Nike+  I started the C25K program before that and waited until I reached a mini-goal of under 90KG to buy the right shoes.

In 2008 I halfheartedly got on my elliptical, every once in a while, and did the least effort/time possible – in fact I would watch 1 episode of Scrubs just to get through it for a grand total of 20 minutes. In 2009 I worked out so hard on my elliptical, anywhere between 30 – 65 minutes.  One day I was cranking it so hard one of the bolts flew off the machine.  Really. And trust me when I say, this is very typical to happen to me. 

In 2008 I remember being miserable during the summer, especially vacation time with the kids.  I was hot, sweaty, uncomfortable and wishing even moreso that I wasn’t fat, yet still not doing anything about it.  This summer was a very active summer – we walked, jogged, rode our bikes (and I mean we seriously rode our bikes – one day doing 50 kM cycling to my mother-in-law’s and back), went swimming.  We went on vacation in August and while I didn’t feel like I looked like a Sports Illustrated calendar model, I did get into my swimsuit I bought last year in a smaller size, thinking surely I would lose the weight by summer 2008.  I wore a skirt for the first time in years and felt pretty ok about it. I wore that skirt, *gasp* in public, for all the world to see and no one’s eyes burned out.

In 2008 I smoked anywhere from a half a pack to a whole pack of cigarettes a day, depending on the day, hour, stress-level or amount of cocktails I drank.  I quit on Christmas day, and once, when I was about 3 sheets to the wind, had a few puffs from a few fags equalling probably 1 cigarette.  (Hey, I’m not going to lie, I did it and I sometimes miss it, but usually not).  I traded my smoking habit money for health and fitness related items:  those new running shoes and some workout clothes (and trust me that stuff adds up!)

In 2008 I was upset with myself and my weight but not enough to get me to stop making excuses.  In 2009 I stepped up to the plate and did something about it.  I actually realised that I’m  no spring chicken (even if I don’t look a day over 27 *wink*) that I don’t have any more time to waste on being the best that I can be.

I lost weight.  I lost inches.  I lost 3 sizes. I gained a few years back on my life.  I gained a bit of confidence back.  I gained a new appreciation for my health. 

Next on the lose list:  Stupid, fat, frumpy, old-lady, dumbass clothes.  I’ll be gaining me a new wardrobe, to represent the REAL Pinky McPie!

I wanted to do a photo comparison of Dec 2008 vs. NYE 2009 and sadly I have nothing to compare to. Instead, you can just see that I clean up pretty well, especially lately (and btw, I haven’t been able to get those boots over my tree trunk legs until yesterday. That’s right, I can wear my favourite boots again)

NYE 2009
she cleans up all right

Mark my words: next NYE I’ll be in a slinky little black number with a whole lot of skin and some new ink sticking out.

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