Cranking Up Again

Food planned and made Sunday evening – setting myself up for success this week!  Last week I was WAY too busy and there were too many things going on, especially at work.  Now I can’t truly complain about everything because Tuesday was my husband’s birthday so we went out to celebrate.  Apparently I can’t take my liquor too well anymore because Wednesday I felt awful.  Too tired and a not quite hungover but not feeling 100%.  Thursday I went out with some friends (actually some people I met on Twitter! And I’ll write about that on my other blog) and again, out for food and drinks.  We had a fabulous night, but again home late, and Friday I was feeling the effects again of said food and drink.  By Friday evening I was an absolute wreck.   I still had to clean and prepare a bit for Saturday though, which was my husband’s birthday party.  So again, Saturday, food and drink.  Needless to say I am so ready to get back on it again!

Health plans for this week include:
1) Eat well and within plan
2) Go to WW
3) Exercise: Monday: Running, Thursday & Friday gym – that’s minimum
4) Out on Wednesday to movies and dinner – THINK and DECIDE on BEST CHOICE – don’t get sidetracked by the menu!
5) Keep an eye out on my stress levels

Here’s my food for today as planned – will also report in that I made this plan a reality!


  1. Wonderful plan! You can do it!

    BTW – My dad is in the Netherlands on business this week!

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