Old Skool – Retro Post from May 9, 2009

What a Week!!

It’s been a very exhausting week.

Monday was the funeral, Tuesday WW (home late), Wednesday stress at work, Thursday bellydancing (home late) and Friday… call me passed out on the couch, not even through one glass of wine!

It was a tiring, but successful week, regardless of the sadness that started it off.

This week M/W/F I did my first week of C25K and R came along with me since he’s feeling the need to get more fit as well. Tuesday I did 32 minutes of my Rosemary Conley DVD and I went walking with J at lunch. Thursday I went to bellydancing and J, E and I all walked there (3.3KM) instead of going by car or bus. I moved every day! I think that’s a record for me!

On Tuesday I went to WW and I was down 100grams. That’s not much, but because I’ve been tracking EVERYTHING I was not surprised, not disappointed, not angry; in fact I was totally prepared. On my home scale I was the same the week before and I actually saw my weight rise and fall during that week, AND I know exactly why it did that (not drinking enough water, being over points several days, wine, sodium, etc). Next Tuesday is going to be differet though – I’m very in control this week and I have no doubt there will be a better loss!

I have now a mini-goal reward: when I hit 89KG/ 196 lbs (on my home scale), I’m going to treat myself to a new, proper pair of running shoes. Since I’m doing the C25K I want to be sure that I have the right shoes when I’m eventually really running. I have 2.2 KG to reach this goal.

Start weight: 98.5
Week 1: 97.7 -800g
Week 2: 98.3 +600g
Week 3: 96.3 -2KG
Week 4: 95.2 -1.1KG
Week 5: 95.1 -0.1KG


  1. shrinkingirl says:

    Hey, I couldn’t find a contact email address for you but I’m giving you the OMB award. Hit me up with an email @ shrinkingirl at gmail dot com for the details.

  2. pinkymcpie says:

    hey, thanks a lot! sent you an email!

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