Project 42:4

What I did this past week:

1) Tracking: Tracked every day Saturday to Friday and was even sick in between and tracked what I managed to eat:

  Daily Extra Total Activity
Sat 29 25 54  
sun 29 0.5 29.5 14
mon 25   25  
tues 29   29  
wed 29 10.5 39.5 19
thur 29 6.5 35.5  
fri 29 17.5 46.5  
Totals 199 60 259 33
Daily x 7 203      
Weekly Free 49      
Possible Total 252      

2) Got my “good fats” in – walnuts, avocado, linseed oil to name a few. Added my snacks back in and had a protein snack right before I left the office instead of only veggies. This actually worked a charm! I really didn’t have the hunger problems that I had the week before.

3) I don’t think I actually had any emotional eating this week at all

4) Had two really good runs – one of 10K (though I got sick the next day) and one of almost 13!

5) I did NOT make it to the gym. This is really starting to irritate me, though to be fair it’s just been really, really busy (and the new week will be no exception.

I DID weigh myself on the scale this week because I really was too curious. My result was 78.6. Which, my friends, is the lowest now that I’ve been in 6 years, and moreover, finally UNDER the 80 KG mark (and even better, under that pesky 81- 82 that was dominating my life since November). My weekend has been less than stellar so I’m not sure I am still there, but I’m not really going to weigh again for at least a couple of weeks and then I’ll also do photos again (and measurements) in my jeans.

Hubs is in India this week, one of my best friends from school is here, we have another holiday this week and I have the kids on my own on Friday night. Hubs is home Saturday and then I have another baby shower on Saturday to go to (I hosted one this past Saturday). So my goals for the week are:

1) Eat well. Track Monday – Friday. (Sat – Friday no longer possible).
2) Running – 2 times
3) Get thee to the gym! Will go the evening I do not see my friend (I don’t know when that will be yet because she’s arriving tomorrow).
4) Focus on using my time alone wisely and not get lazy just because Hubs isn’t here.

I’ve already made 2 days worth of breakfasts/lunches/ and snacks. I have leftovers from Friday for one dinner, I have dinner out with my girlfriend one night and I have salmon, rice and broccoli for another dinner planned. Of course I’ll have to get to a supermarket at some point as well.

So, that’s pretty much it. Hopefully I can catch up with everyone’s blogs at some point this week AND get to my emails and maybe even my other blog!!

3 thoughts on “Project 42:4

  1. You’re doing great!!! Lowest weight in 6 years? That’s awesome!
    Oh…forgot to tell you…I just arrived in CA with only half of the items I wanted to mail to you, forgot the rest at home in Abq! So, it’ll be about 3-4 weeks before I mail them out. I’m such a dunder-head. Hope you have fun with your friend!

  2. Thanks Katie, and please don’t worry! you are so sweet to think of me and that’s what counts!

    Rita, thanks! and will try to enjoy my alone time, but to be honest we have such little time together as it is, with my 20 hours a week commute and hubs being in school. But it’s cool, absence makes the heart grow fonder :)

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