16 June, 2010 Off By Pinky @lowfatpie

Just wanted to report in that I had a GREAT day today.

Yesterday I had a MEGA fail at running… or so I thought and then I switched it around… You know what?  I tried!  I went out there even though I was exhausted and had a bit of a belly ache (ate too many nuts) and I TRIED as hard as I could.  That was enough!  That was what was meant to be.  I came home, I ate dinner, I laid down in the bed before 10 and I got some kip for once.

RESULT!  I felt great today!

I wore a cute colourful sundress my friend S gave me.  Like, not black.  Not other dark colours.  No comment about how I’m a goth or a rock chick or an emo.  No.  The comments were:

“WOW! you look GORGEOUS today!”

“Those colours look amazing on you!”

“You are starting to look like a real lady!”

“Hey, Skinny!”

“You look so summery today!”

“You look GREAT!”

How could I NOT freaking feel great after that?! HA!

Today I set out to have a good day.  To eat WELL.  To live WELL.  And I did that. RESULT!!!

Bring it on! LIFE is good and worth celebrating! There is no reason to feel disappointed, not motivated, unhappy or feel like a failure.  I am most definitely succeeding.   I am succeeding at what is actually most important now.  Feeling good about ME, my life, my body.  Having my mind and spirit being in alignment.  Not taking the moment for granted anymore or skipping over it to worry about the future.  There is no “When I reach goal I’ll … ” anymore.  There is just today.  And today ROCKED!

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