What to do when your head space is freed up to enjoy each moment

17 June, 2010 Off By Pinky @lowfatpie

I’ve been thinking over the past few days about how I can really make a proper schedule for myself and how to actually execute it. My “dietitian”, Hubs and my coach all mentioned that to really have a life – work balance I have to pretty much force myself into the routine that I want until it feels natural.

The dietitian said pretty much that this is where I’m going to stay if I don’t make a stronger commitment to fitness and food. Right now it’s ok. Today it’s ok. But ultimately there are fitness and health goals I would like to reach. Not numbers, but actual goals like running farther and maybe even faster, getting more sleep, choosing to eat well and have that be a real, natural choice. I can keep doing what I’m currently doing of course. There is nothing wrong with it. However, I’m not getting any younger and there are races to be run and cute running skirts to get into.

My coach suggested to find that life –work balance I need to really consider how to improve in the areas where I lose the most time. We all know where that is, don’t we? That would be the 20+ hours a week I lose in commuting. Oh what I could do with those 20 hours! At the moment I am getting up at 5 – 5.30am, but there is a possibility that I could fit my running into the mornings, then I would be up at 4.30 LATEST (probably more like 4). Um. Yeah. That’s not going to get me more sleep, that’s for sure and I’d love to use some of that commuting time for sleep! He suggested then that I find and propose a way to work from home at least one day a week. I need to think about this plan and then propose it SOONER rather than later. Putting things off doesn’t improve ones life any quicker, right?

Working from home could accomplish things also from an exercise standpoint. I could plan to always go to the gym the night before and for a run that day, since I would be home all day anyway and most certainly home before 7pm! On those days as well I obviously could sleep in a wee bit.

Hubs already made up a plan for me (he’s efficient like that) but I’m not entirely sold on it. He also suggested that I just have fixed days and if anything comes up or I have to skip running or gym, I just skip. No guilt, just moving on. No trying to make up the next day, no worrying about burning cals before or after something fun like going to the pub with my mates came up, or football (like this weekend). Just, this is the schedule and if you miss, too bad, no big deal. I like the concept, it takes off the pressure and it keeps me in the present moment. Obviously I would do what I could to keep to the schedule, but you know, life happens sometimes! One suggestion he also made is that we always go running together on Sundays. I like that too; something good for us that we are doing together.

I am going to come up with a plan for all of this very soon. I wanted to already make a commitment, but I’m being realistic now. I have exactly 10 working days left before I am on holiday and half of those days include travel to our Germany office, month-end close, figuring out who’s going to be my backup and training someone in a new role. I am not going to put the pressure on to also break my butt getting home, going to the gym, running at 4am, going to a WW meeting, etc., before then.

So. The head space is freed and more thinking will be done and a good workable solution will be in place soon. AFTER the holiday ;-)