Aech Eee Double Hockey Sticks

Otherwise known as: Hell.

Seriously, I have so much stress going on at the moment, work related.

To just put it in a nutshell, someone is sick and we don’t know if that person is coming back. Ever really. At this point I should assume the worst and anything else is a bonus.

That means my team is a bit messed up. Out of balance. I’m the supervisor and I should have stepped in sooner.

Should have.
Could have.

I can’t let two people drown and not step in, but that means my own work goes by the wayside.

It’s the busiest part of the month.

It has to be done.

Monday I worked until 6pm. Tuesday I worked until 6pm, but then worked on my emails on the commute home and up until around 10.30. Today I worked until 6pm. It’s not letting up, people.

If it seems like a lot of “boo hoo woe is me” to work until 6pm, please remember I have a 2 hour commute to look forward to, getting me home at Eight o’clock.

Get home at 8:00. Eat dinner. Prep for the next day. Go to bed. Get up 6 hours later. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

There is no time for anything else. I’ll be honest with you, writing the post now is simply because, yes, I’m waiting for the pizza to come out of the oven so I can eat dinner.

I don’t do stress well. I really get annoyed with myself that I give in and go to My Nemesis, the candy jar. And now pizza. And a glass of wine.

This is classic behaviour. You don’t want to be like me boys and girls. When I’m good, I’m very, very good. And when I’m stressed, it’s anyone’s guess how it will go.

Tomorrow, please be kinder than today and let me make better choices.


  1. Chris says:

    Eep, sorry you’re so stressed out. That sucks :-(

    1. Renée says:

      thanks man. not much of an improvement yet. hopefully soon.

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