It’s Bittersweet

1 November, 2011 Off By Renée

Today is my 2 year anniversary of this blog.

There’s a lot of Groundhog Day going on here. I want more than anything that this could change, that next year I won’t be the same broken record I’ve been for the past two years.

It’s Bittersweet. I remember when I started the blog (moving from free to paid) I had high hopes. I was going to be that girl that I’d been before. I was going to inspire. I was going to do amazing things. I was going to have lots of friends and support along the way. I was going to be that model Weight Watcher.

Things don’t always go as hoped. I don’t think I inspire, I’ve quit Weight Watchers and what I do isn’t even that amazing. I’ve somehow lost loads of friends and support along the way as well (which does wonderful things for my self-esteem, hello negative self-talk!).

I still have me though. I’m not a bad person. I do my best, whatever it may be, every day. Even the days when I think “FAIL” I’m not failing because I always managed to do something to be accountable. I can do this for me and me alone. I don’t need to be that Internet Sensation that wears a cape and flies through triathlons like a trip to the supermarket. I can just keep trying, that’s enough, right?

So Happy Anniversary Little Blog. Let’s make this next year a good year, an open year, a more positive year. I’m ready!