It’s Bittersweet

Today is my 2 year anniversary of this blog.

There’s a lot of Groundhog Day going on here. I want more than anything that this could change, that next year I won’t be the same broken record I’ve been for the past two years.

It’s Bittersweet. I remember when I started the blog (moving from free to paid) I had high hopes. I was going to be that girl that I’d been before. I was going to inspire. I was going to do amazing things. I was going to have lots of friends and support along the way. I was going to be that model Weight Watcher.

Things don’t always go as hoped. I don’t think I inspire, I’ve quit Weight Watchers and what I do isn’t even that amazing. I’ve somehow lost loads of friends and support along the way as well (which does wonderful things for my self-esteem, hello negative self-talk!).

I still have me though. I’m not a bad person. I do my best, whatever it may be, every day. Even the days when I think “FAIL” I’m not failing because I always managed to do something to be accountable. I can do this for me and me alone. I don’t need to be that Internet Sensation that wears a cape and flies through triathlons like a trip to the supermarket. I can just keep trying, that’s enough, right?

So Happy Anniversary Little Blog. Let’s make this next year a good year, an open year, a more positive year. I’m ready!

9 thoughts on “It’s Bittersweet

    1. Hey Miz! Wow, good to see you here!
      I have to say I’m not sure which movie; I feel silly now, tell me more!

  1. Happy Anniversary! I just started reading your blog but I really enjoy it. It’s nice (in a twisted way) to read that I’m not alone in some of the things I’m dealing with. That sounded a bit selfish, hoping you know what I mean ;/

    You do inspire. You rock it hard and don’t forget it!

    I know it’s SO easy to focus on what we haven’t achieved or become or all that we STILL want to do. But remember to look at all that you have achieved so far. I’m learning that looking back helps me move forward :)


    1. ah thank you Penny! I do totally know what you mean. To be honest I’d rather know that someone understands because I can say most of the time I feel really, really alone in this. But I need to really remember that there ARE people out there and that I HAVE achieved a lot. I haven’t turned back, I just haven’t moved forward much. Time to do that forward moving!

  2. I say this time next year you and I each look back on our posts from today. If we still feel even slightly how we do now I say we … well … just screw it and keep going :) Love ya darlin!

    1. hahaha! IF that’s the case I’m pretty sure we’ll just carry on! What are the alternatives, really?

  3. Was sorry to read that you lost friends along the way. I can’t see why – I think you are incredibly engaging and inspiring and even though you haven’t lost the weight you wanted in the last few years, you are my “go to” person who knows what works and what doesn’t!!! Keep up the blogging girl :)

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