The Photographic Evidence

12 February, 2012 Off By Renée

Of the last couple of weeks:

It was snowy and cold:

(not my bike)

Park Musis (in Arnhem)

I bought a new Garmin (which I haven’t used yet… dangit!)

My new favourite breakfast (needs to be changed a wee bit for new “diet”)

cottage cheese, Sabra “Pikant Aubergine” (it’s not spicy at all), cherry tomatoes, spring onion, avocado

The reason I prefer to make my own food, bring my own sandwiches – I bought this before going to the gym Wednesday:

in case you can’t tell, that’s tuna, pickles and ruccola/rocket salad.

Now I’m going to start prepping for food next week and we’ll see how much time I have left for other things.

Do you take photos regularly? Even of what seems to be small insignificant things to others but stuff you want to remember?