It’s true, it’s a story

So, Hey, how are you?

Sorry I haven’t really updated lately. Even the 11×11 post was not meant to be published yet. Bloody hell I am not so great with this stuff am I?

So a little update on the last couple of weeks:

Gym: I’m going to the gym! I realize now I may not have gone to my previous gym as much for more reasons than just the hours. Of course, that was my story – they had crap hours so I didn’t manage to go. Funnily enough though, I’m going to the new gym in the evenings, at 7:30 or 8:00 and even just doing a 45-60min workout and then going home. I think *maybe* I didn’t actually like my old gym very much. Maybe it wasn’t only the hours. Since joining my new gym, and even with the couple of hiccups the first few appointments I had, I’ve been going at least a couple of times a week.

Last week I went on Monday, then I went on Wednesday with my friend (which I will tell you about later) and then I went on Friday and met with a personal trainer.

This week I went on Monday, I went last night and I’m going to meet the personal trainer again tonight.

So that means, pretty much, I’ve decided to go for personal training.

Honestly, I know what to expect in a way. I know I will be pushed and challenged and I know it will cost me an incredible amount of money which I have but I don’t have if you know what I mean? I went to the “proefles” knowing full well that he was probably going to ask me to sign up with him – even at EUR 200 less a month than the original quote it’s still expensive. So I suppose I will definitely not putz around with the training and the food advice he’s going to be providing me. At the same time I’m feeling a little apprehensive about it, mostly the food stuff, because I made it clear I do not want to focus on weight loss, as strange as that may seem; frankly it depresses me and I know myself well enough that I can be quite obsessive about it, which, when loss doesn’t happen it then spins into the depression – frustration cycle. He mentioned that I will have to track my food (no biggie, I do that about 85% of the time anyway, including weighing and measuring and logging in on MFP) and he mentioned a “way of eating” that I am pretty sure is paleo. In general this is also fairly ok, but to be honest I don’t understand cutting out “good” grains and I appreciate them when I’m bulking up my salads for my lunch (for example). I don’t eat a lot of bread as it is and I focus a lot on getting more protein than carbs (though I do love my oatmeal breakfasts when I have them). Anyway, I feel this is going to be quite challenging to make these changes if I can have NO grains whatsoever; my husband cooks most of the time and already alters recipes to bulk up with vegetables, uses less oil, less meat than a recipe calls for and that sort of thing. I know part of my problem is eating too much for dinner, that’s a fact and I have slowly been making changes to the amount I consume (in rice or pasta for example), but now to ask him to change AGAIN or try to cook for us based on what I need, well, I’m not sure how that will work. 1) I don’t know think it’s fair to him – this is MY problem, not his and 2) If I have to cook in the evening there will not be gym time plain and simple. I don’t even get home most nights until 7pm and this is the very reason he does groceries and cooks!

I’m kind of judging all of this and jumping to conclusions before I even try it – I know. And I am reminded (by my own head) that “If you always do, what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got”.

So I see him again tonight and I’m supposed to see him after that twice a week. I also believe I will understand the food stuff more tonight and get some sort of intake booklet because he wants to see what I eat. Updates surely to follow.

So, what else?

Food: I looked into the paleo thing a bit this week and as I mentioned I think I already eat pretty natural and caveman like :) I love my veggies and protein, I eat nuts regularly, peanut butter, and I like meat so that’s not an issue. What I’ve read is somewhat confusing though – some plans say no caffeine (uh, this is going to really be hard – I WORK AT A COFFEE COMPANY!!!), some say paleo people are pro-caffiene. And no pulses? Really? I think beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc are all a great source of protein! Oh and seems like no quark either – I’ve been eating quark rather than yoghurt because it has more protein… no beer (!!!!!!) but wine is fine according to the trainer (???). So, yeah, but better to know what he wants me to do first rather than judge, right? So this week I actually ate no carbs (well, besides in veg and fruit) until dinner up to Thursday. And, to be honest, today I just lost it. I cut out my coffee when I arrive at the office (apparently it spikes cortisol production) and, well I really missed it. NOT physically. Mentally. I also had leftovers for lunch which were carbs (whole wheat pasta) and then it was all over, there was some stress and I ended up shoving some ridiculous piece of sugar bomb into my face. *sigh*

Sometimes I really think I’m a hopeless case!!

Social: Nothing social this week. Too tired. We’ve also had ridiculous disruptions with the trains because of the weather and it’s taken ages to get to and from work. This weekend I also have nothing planned and I haven’t made a new date to do the Sh’bam class with my friend again (I promise you will get the story on that). Last week was busy, then Saturday I was up early to go to the hairdresser, then we had a housewarming / birthday party to go to. This weekend is my stepdaughters birthday party, so up early tomorrow to get a couple of pressies for her and then I might just get to go on a date with my husband!!! We’ve had so little time together, just the two of us, so I’m really looking forward to that.

Running: Nothing happening there either.  On Sunday it will be two full weeks so actually my plan is to do just that. I have been riding my bike to the gym, even though we’ve had snow and ice and extremely cold temps (well, I’m sure it’s all relative). Last Sunday I walked a 5K round and took photos, mostly on the dyke where I run often. It was sunny and snowy and beautiful so I had to at least get out and walk, you know?

Work: crazy as usual. Stress stuff and nice stuff together. At least they balance each other. I have a couple of (fun) things to put together for the next two weeks and then the last week of Feb I’m going to be involved in an absolutely huge event, which I also have to prepare for on the “real job” front. Not that my “real job” isn’t fun, but, well, come on, fun is always better than the practicalities of work!!

That’s it. Did you make it this far? How was your week(s)? Have you been running? What are you eating these days? Have you ever been to a personal trainer?

6 thoughts on “It’s true, it’s a story

  1. A personal trainer I’m so jealous! I think if anything you will learn loads. Paleo seems to be a very big eating way of life, there are so many resources out there. Just find something that works for you and that isn’t going to leave you frustrated :)
    I am doing ok. Been really tired this week, maybe because of the cold. Got a bit frustrated with not being able to run outside the past two weeks, and the dreadmill is driving me nuts! So glad it’s thawing outside and I can get some fresh air. As far as eating, not too bad. Pizza twice this week, one night I actually made it fit into my calorie range. Last night not so much, but I’m moving on :)
    Have a great weekend!!!

    1. the dreadmill is why I haven’t run at all! i can’t stand running at the gym indoors, it really feels like going nowhere fast!!!

      well done getting the pizza in your calorie range!!! WOW!!!! do you log somewhere Penny? like MFP or daily plate or something? How do you keep track?

      1. I hate the treadmill but I figure it’s better than doing nothing. I log on spark people :) Still trying to figure out my calorie range, what they suggest doesn’t always work so I’m still finding my balance. But it helps me get organized and realize what I’m putting in my mouth :)

  2. I was thinking about you this week, with all the NS disruptions I was hoping you got to work from home… But alas, no.
    You got to tell me what “some ridiculous piece of sugar bomb into my face” was… Drooling at the possibilities. I’m a complete sugar addict and I have given up on trying to give it up. Whenever I cut out sugar (and most carbs) I lose a lot of weight very quickly so your PT might be on to something. On the other hand, I tend to enter the state I like to call “murderous rage” (which my hubby refers to in less flattering terms).
    OK, now I guess I HAVE to go update my blog…

    1. To be honest it wasn’t SO bad with the NS. And actually it’s not their fault, I just wish they would be more honest and forthcoming. I made the decision on that “bad” Friday to go to Den Bosch and then backtrack to Arnhem, no one actually advised me to do that… hence why there were thousands stranded at Utrecht… because the all wanted to go direction Nijmegen and there were no trains!!

      The ridiculous piece of sugar bomb was a Rockslide something or another. It’s kind of like the Rocky Road meets Espresso Brownie with a ridiculous amount of caramel on it. I never eat this sort of thing, so I’ve really no idea what I was thinking. And the thing with the trainer is, he knows I already sort of eat this way or at least I’m used to eating pretty healthily. I just have to change a couple of things. I’m not counting on weight loss. It’s not a bad thing, but I’ve just given up on that really :)

  3. I signed up for a bootcamp with two trainers in January, kind of on a whim and from a Twitter recommendation. The trainers are really good offering people diet advice, food tracking and stuff – sounds similar to yours. I am not doing it, but it is nice to know I can ask for advice if I want it. And yeh, they are doing some sort of modified paleo type thing too. Good luck and I can’t wait to follow how it is going!

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