WRD: Week 18 – Liberation

5 May, 2019 Off By Renée
Lest we forget

While the US is celebrating Cinco de Mayo, here in the Netherlands we have the Dodenherdenking (Remembrance of the Dead) and Bevrijdingsdag (Liberation Day). The Netherlands was under German occupation from 1940 – 1945 and, thanks to the allies – in particular the British, Canadian, Polish and American troops – every year we celebrate the end of the occupation on May 5th. Every five years on May 5th is also a national holiday. Because I grew up in the United States I think I only partially understood the impact the war had on people and countries in Europe in general. Sure we learned about it in school (but don’t get me started because I’m pretty sure we were taught half-truths – and in some cases right out lies – about many things that happened in our history) . My grandparents (dad’s parents) were both in the military during WWII (but rarely talked about it) but I feel like I was so far removed from all of it that I didn’t really get it. Well, I can tell you, people here still get it and older people who lived through it still have their stories to share. All of these experiences have a lot to do with how the Dutch are in general (due to poverty, lack of food, etc). What happened is not easily forgotten, nor should it be. Here in Arnhem and the surrounding area we have a part of the Liberation Trail; and there are several areas you can stop to see different memorials. This time of year you see a lot more flowers and wreaths left at these memorials. If you have time and you fancy reading a bit more about it, there is an article here on DutchNews.NL (in English) that will give you more information about Liberation Day and what exactly happened here and when. Arnhem, in any case, is famous for the “Bridge Too Far” – maybe you have heard of that as well (but this battle occurred in September 1944, which is why in September we have almost an entire month of commemorations)?

I never really think of Cinco de Mayo anymore until my US friends remind me and nowadays it makes me wonder what is really being celebrated anyway! Besides tasty food and drinks LOL!

Anyway, that intro to the WRD was far too long, I will spare you from my further drivel.

Deborah and Kim are the amazing hosts for the Weekly Run Down! Feel free to join in as well to wrap up your week in fitness!

Last week my plan was 3 lunch walks (check) 3 gym visits or at home (check) and I wasn’t really sure what was happening in the weekend because of the weather.

This Week In Fitness

  • Monday – lunch walk 3.1 km, cycling 5.5KM total
  • Tuesday – lunch walk 3km, PT, 1 hour Cardio and Strength at the Gym, cycling 6KM
  • Wednesday – 30 min pilates + strength at home, cycling 4.4KM
  • Thursday – lunch walk 3.25 km , cycling 9KM
  • Friday – 1 hour Cardio and Strength at the gym
  • Saturday – house cleaning, which was a workout in itself
  • Sunday – 42KM bike ride

It was kind of stressful at the beginning of the week and then later improved. I managed a walk on Monday and Tuesday at lunch. Tuesday I was feeling a bit down about the pain/discomfort of my fourth toe and had a bit of a cry after PT, but then sucked it up and went to the gym to work off a bit of the crazy.

the elliptical kicked my butt

Wednesday was a total wash; work was super stressful and I didn’t even get a chance to do my lunch walk! But I did kind of figure it would be like that (it was month end and I am working in a financial department). On Thursday I walked with Eva (my massage boss) and in the evening I met up with some friends in Utrecht which was really nice. Look at me being all social in real life these days!

On Friday Ron worked from home again but had to go back to the Spine Policlinic, this time to get an injection in his back to see if that would help his pain and radiation symptoms. I went with him because they recommend you do not drive afterwards!

I did end up going to the gym Friday evening; that was kind of the plan anyway since Ron normally would go to Runiversity. But… not the best idea for him after getting the shot!

As it turned out Wendy and Vincent came around on Saturday (not the sole reason for cleaning the house, that was already on the agenda, but my plan was actually to spread it out on Friday and Saturday; that was not the reality. The weather was nuts anyway and I ended up not going out at all. I mean one minute it was sunny and warm and then next grey, rainy and cold!

On Sunday we decided to ride the 21 KM out to My BIL + SIL’s place in Renkum (Ron’s home town). We’ve done this route before, actually two years ago before mother’s day when Ron’s mum was still alive. It was a bit cooler today and while we had sun, we also had a lot of wind and at some point we also had a tiny bit of rain. I have to say, though, it was good to get out. Even though we took a different route back it was also 21 KM exactly.

another memorial along the Liberation Route

just after the memorial, we had to bring the bikes up the stairs to continue the journey which was for a large part along the Lower Rhein
at the 15KM point (up the stairs) – 6KM to go
the mill in Renkum
on the way back we chose another route, a good part of it going through the woods

Totals for the week:

  • Biking 76,25 KM
  • Walking 9.35 KM
  • Steps: 69,311 – just a tad lower than I’d like
  • 2x gym
  • 1 at home Pilates + strength
  • 7/7 Days stairs at home

Coming up Next Week

Next week will be a short week for me. Plans are:
Monday – PT
Tuesday – Gym
Wednesday – back to Pilates

On Thursday we leave for Màlaga and will be home Monday, so I’m not sure there will be a Weekly Run Down for Week 19 but you never know!

Every May at work we have the “Running around the World” Challenge – though you don’t have to run per se; all activity (time, steps, KM) is calculated in steps which is calculated then into kilometers. So now I really want to get my step count up! This year we are walking (running, swimming, golfing, etc) for honey bees. I’ll have to check it further to be able to give you more detail on that!

That’s a wrap!

How was your week? Have you ever had a corticosteroid shot anywhere? Do you feel like you know a bit about WWII era history? Are you having odd spring weather (3 seasons in one go, summer being excluded)?