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you can’t help but get on your bike when you live in the Lowlands!!

Week 34: The same theme continues

Normally I would be sharing my weekly update ont the Weekly Run Down link-up. But I’m late and am going away for a couple of days so it wouldn’t be very good blogger etiquette to drop a link and run, am I right? Last week was again busy, but in mostly a good way, however…

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WRD: Week 31+32:2021 More of the Same

Unfortunately I missed updating last week because I just couldn’t fit everything in. And I don’t want to post my own blog if I know I won’t have time to properly go to other’s blogs! A condensed version of the last two weeks I could update everything but it’s all too much. Rest assured I’m…

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WRD: Week 30 Zen in the Chaos

There wasn’t really much change in the work situation this week, but the way I approached it was different. I started earlier (7am), but then made appointments all week to be at Cryotherapy by 8:30, and additionally I also made sure I took a proper lunch break. Only on Thursday did it go a bit…

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Abdominoplasty: Five Weeks Post-Op

Work is s l o w l y killing me. So much stress. I already considered switching from coffee to G & T’s on Monday morning and the theme sort of developed from there. By Thursday I was crying in a zoom meeting. Not pretty. I’m hoping that the weekend of de-stressing will help me…

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WRD: Week 18 Another Wonder Weather Week

I mentioned in in Friday’s Post so I won’t yammer on too long about it. Suffice it to say the weather here in The Netherlands has left a WHOLE LOT to be desired. It didn’t matter too much this week because I was sooooo busy with work, but still – not one single early morning…

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