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you can’t help but get on your bike when you live in the Lowlands!!

WRD: Rollercoaster Ride

Tweet Lots happened this week. Good stuff. Great Stuff. Stress Stuff. And some feedback stuff. More on that later. Welcome to the Weekly Rundown This Week: Plan vs. Actual Monday – Pilates Tuesday – back to back RPM at the gym Wednesday – Run 35 min easy Thursday – biking to massage appointments in PM…

By Renée 16 February, 2020 31

WRD: Monthly Run Down Edition

Tweet *sigh* how has the time passed so quickly? It’s been quite a couple of Weeks When we last “spoke” to each other I’d just gotten back from Paris and was trying to get into the swing of it all again. No more celebrations, no more excuses, the holidays and the birthday was over and…

By Renée 2 February, 2020 37

WRD: Paris Edition

Tweet Better late than never Unfortunately I’m too late to join the fun at the Weekly Run Down Link-Up, but I thought I’d quickly recap the week and at least try to catch up with my fellow bloggers (last week I failed getting to all the blogs – I need more time in the days!).…

By Renée 13 January, 2020 19

Weekly Run Down: 2020 Edition Number One

Tweet WELCOME TO THE WEEKLY RUN DOWN! 2020 IS OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY! This past week has been the last week to be “lazy” or basically still on vacation (I worked only one day this week). As of next week I’m going to get back on my regularly scheduled programming. Running – 19KM Biking – no spin…

By Renée 5 January, 2020 15

WRD: Stormy Weather

Tweet I had a lot of hope for this week. It seemed like the universe was a little bit against that hope. It’s fine. It just could have been better. WAY better. It is full on Autumn here in the Netherlands. For those of you who know nothing about the seasons here it goes a…

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