WRD: Off Week + June Goals

7 June, 2020 Off By Renée

I don’t have a heck of a lot to report in workouts this week. It was a strange week and exercise kind of got pushed to the back burner for a huge part. I meant to write up my June Goals as well and post them on Friday but … other things going on.

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Monday – Biking 32.5KM

It was the last of all of our spring holidays here in the Netherlands and while I would have liked to bike a bit more, I called it at 32.5KM (I believe that’s around 20 miles). I was out on my own and still having some kind of allergic reaction to everything outside at the moment so I came home with itchy welt-y arms again.

Lovely day for a bike ride
back out with the cows again

Tuesday – Nada

It was back to the office for me and a lovely, super stressful one to boot. Not anxiety related, just end / beginning of the month, system issues and challenges with frustrated colleagues. By the time I got home from work I. WAS. DONE.

Wednesday – Running 5KM , Biking 4.5KM

Normally I am much more excited about Global Running Day, but you guys, my heart hurts for what is going on in the US (and well, let’s face it the world) right now. I am watching my birth country basically go up in flames and not a damn thing I can do from here to put the fire out. My heart hurts especially for my black friends, their loved ones, children, friends that this shit is still going on in 2020! IN 2020!!! WTAF?!

global running day

Ron and I biked over to see a house as well, but it was not strenuous exercise. The house was really nice, I did like it a lot, but it was just a bit small overall. Also, the house is in Velp; we already live on the edge of Arnhem and Velp and truth be told I would prefer to be closer to the center of Arnhem than further away from it.

Thursday – Nada

Work was finally less stressful, but we did take our new kitty to the Vet in the middle of the day. I was gone for a while so I worked “late” as well. “Leaving” at 6pm when you work from home is better than leaving from the office. Still. Didn’t feel like doing anything.

There was a demonstration in town that I wanted to attend. I really was on the fence. The purpose of the demonstration, supporting BLM and speaking out against racism all over the work is definitely something I stand up for, but I felt like I have been so careful the last several months; what if I undid it all by participating in one protest.

I have to say I felt really shit about making the decision. Going and getting infected would suck. Staying home because I have the privilege to stay in my little safe environment also sucks. Not everyone has that choice. I felt pretty guilty / crappy about that.

Turns out my city did amazing during the demonstration. Distance was kept and everyone had masks. And incredible points were clearly made.

Friday – Nada

My normal day off and Ron took the day off as well. We went in the morning to see another house, this time in our most preferred area of town. Gorgeous 1920’s place but definitely needed some work. I mean just painting that house would be a HUGE job because of high ceilings. The stairs I think would also be treacherous 10 – 20 years from now. The kitchen would need to be ripped out and there was a bizarre half-finished roof terrace that was kind of scary to even check out (Nice views though).

After looking at the house we went to our storage area to asses the situation. The plan is to clear out what we don’t need – so either throw away or sell but it needs to be looked at. I found a box of clothes I was going to “get back into” 15 years ago (LOL) and actually a few things I still kept still fit and the rest I just had to laugh about. Like how did I ever even fit into some of that stuff? I put a bunch of stuff on Vinted and actually already sold a few items. I have a bag ready to go for charity and what doesn’t sell will also go charity’s way soon.

fun things you find in storage. I should ask myself more often: “What would Joan Jett do?”

Side note: with my permission Ron put all my Bearista Bears on Marktplaats (the Dutch eBay) and sold all of them… to one person who clearly is a collector and even drove up from Rotterdam to pick them up.

Anyway, project clean up and clear out has started.

In the evening we went over to see Vincent and Wendy since small groups are now allowed. We couldn’t hug or kiss and we kept distance in their house, but man was it great to see them <3

Saturday – Virtual parkrun 5KM

The weather has definitely turned; it’s chillier and wetter. Ron didn’t feel like going so I headed out at around 1pm finally (a break in the rain) to do a very non-parky virtual parkrun. I actually ran to another neighborhood close by where I’d also like to live to check out the actual location of another house we are looking at next week Thursday. Not too sure about it because it is L I T E R A L L Y across the street from a huge school. I guess “Schoolstraat” should have been the giveaway on that one.

non-park virtual parkrun

More purging of things and papers was done in the afternoon.

Sunday – Nada

Both of us were in a flow of getting things done so no long run for us today. It’s slow but sure; best thing will be that we are prepared for a move and not move shit with us that we no longer want to have. Got quite some things done today.


I’m going to start already with the new week like this:

  • Monday RPM
  • Tuesday Run
  • Wednesday Run at lunch, Bodypump after work
  • Thursday run option
  • Friday run option or RPM
  • Saturday virtual parkrun, option Bodypump
  • Sunday long run

I’ve put it in writing now, so that’s a bit of motivation. I also joined Deborah’s Runbet again to keep me on track for 4 x a week!

That’s a wrap!

How was your week? Share with me one of your goals for June! How are you feeling about all the unrest in the US these days? Suggestions on how to help out from afar?