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21 June, 2020 Off By Renée

It was another busy week. As you can maybe tell from how late I was with the weekly run down linkup and with not responding to comments again. I could use a bit of a lesson on managing my time more wisely!

Anyway, based on my goals for June, I’d say this was a good week especially with the stress of work and looking for a house continues. I say stress, but it’s not that bad. Maybe I should say stress from work and time/energy consuming on the house thing.

Shall we talk about the week that just was?

Deborah and Kim are the amazing hosts for the Weekly Run Down! Feel free to join in as well to wrap up your week in fitness!

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This Week In Fitness (and life):

Monday – Day 1/2 at the office this week. Pretty stress filled as well. Felt like I needed a run after work so I did just that. Felt pretty good too and saw two running friends (one running, one walking) when I was nearly home. Always nice to see friends even if it’s a fly-by!

Workout: Run 5.5KM

Running to the “hert”

Tuesday – Day 2/2 at the office. More “fun” at work, but in the late morning we had an appointment to see a house, so I biked up to meet Ron up there (about an 8 min bike ride from work). Super cute house but just too small. After I got home from work I decided to do RPM since I didn’t feel like running (nor did Ron).

Workout: RPM 50 min. Sweat Equity 100%

that was tough, but I am tougher!

Wednesday – Home office today. Great to be at home so that I could get out at lunch for a run. Still it was a little bit stressful working because one of my colleagues was about to be on holiday and I needed to help her get a few things finished. After work I also did Bodypump again. It was about time! I got my Les Mills weight set and then proceeded to not do any bodypump for a couple of weeks.

Workout: 5KM run. 1 hour Strength

Workout Wednesday!

Thursday – Work was a bit less hectic but we didn’t make it out for a run at lunch. I’ve been trying to eat better the last few days, up my fruit and veg intake and I paid for that with my run after work. Plan was 6 -7 KM, but I only managed 4.5 because, well, mother nature was calling and I was close to home at that point. TMI. I know.

Workout: 4.5KM run

Friday – Day off and 3 house appointments today. Actually one was a 2nd look of our 2nd choice last week (the one with asbestos…). Interestingly enough the guy actually texted Ron that he “lowered” the price to be asking price instead of starting bid price. So we started talking about it again and thought we may as well have another look.

We saw two other houses prior to that though – the first one in Klarendal which is the neighborhood very close to work and where we used to join our running club (I am currently 8 min by bike to work, if I lived in Klarendal the commute would be like 5 max). The place was fine but just really lacking characters neither of us felt it was “the one”.

pretty much right across from our old runclub meetup spot

The second place was absolutely gorgeous you guys… oh my lanta! Just beautiful and a huge back yard and patio area but ultimately… the rooms were just too small. There were a lot of features in this house that I had in my beloved apartment in The Hague. But it just wasn’t realistic. This one was also close to work though in the Statenkwartier, probably less than what I bike now to work.

Wish this one had been a bit bigger.

Anyway, 3 houses and none of them are the one after careful consideration. We have FIVE appointments next week. We also have another investor coming to look at our place and a realtor coming to talk about options and costs if we decide to go to the market instead with our flat. Stay Tuned!

Workout: 11.2 KM ride around town

Saturday – a late start for our (not) parkrun day and it was hot and humid! I was kind of zapped afterwards so we didn’t actually do much the rest of the day. I meant to go through a couple more boxes but it didn’t happen.

back on the dike

Workout: 5KM parkrun, almost 2KM afterwards of walk/run-sprints

Sunday – Since marathon training starts next week we decided to do a long bike ride instead of a long run. Why? Because there are loads of long run Sundays in our future and not so many more long bike ride opportunities within that training scheme. We got started a bit late but still had a lovely ride out to Doesburg and back. Just in time to pick up dinner from a friend of ours who has a catering business here in town.

Cute Bike Sculpture on the way to Doesburg
lovely little harbor
of course there was ice cream!

Workout: 39.25KM biking

A Good Week!

If I could give this week a grade it would absolutely be an A+. I got in one RPM session, ran a total of almost 22 KM, biked not only to work but around town to visit houses and had a long bike ride today. AND I got my strength session in. Now to keep it up!

That’s a wrap!

How was your week? Did you meet or exceed your goals this week? How’s the weather? Here is warm and muggy – love summer but can do without the humidity!