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WRD: Week 17:2021 Long Live The King

Tweet It was the King’s birthday this week and “normally” the entire county celebrates with parties in the streets, wearing fun orange outfits or accessories and on that day there is a “free market’ – basically one giant yard sale, where people sell all the crap they’ve been dying to get rid of all year.…

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WRD: Week 5:2021 Groundhog Day Continues

Tweet Another extension of lockdown! Ok Seriously you guys. This is getting so old. I know. It’s important we stay home, mask up, don’t travel, don’t see people, work from home, etc. But I’m so, so disappointed in how things have been handled here in general. I feel like we are doing NOW what we…

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WRD: Week 4:2021 – Bye Bye January

Tweet Mentally Exhausting Week This was not the best week ever. There are a couple of things going on that had me pretty upset this week. Not the end of the world kind of stuff, but just frustrating things that I have very little control over. The situation upsetting me the most is that I…

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