WRD: Week 4:2021 – Bye Bye January

31 January, 2021 Off By Renée

Mentally Exhausting Week

This was not the best week ever. There are a couple of things going on that had me pretty upset this week. Not the end of the world kind of stuff, but just frustrating things that I have very little control over.

The situation upsetting me the most is that I am not allowed to continue seeing my GP anymore, because I moved; here in the Netherlands you need to have a doctor in your post code and you need to “sign up” to a new one if you move. It’s a well known fact that in Arnhem there are just too many patients per GP and doctors are at their capacity with patients. I get it.

So I contacted my GP (we can’t make an appt if we are not sick, due to covid) and asked her for refills on my meds and also asked if I could stay for a little while longer until I could find a GP in my area.

She said “No”. I mean, there was no consideration, no “good luck”, nothing. I’ve been with her 10 years and she basically said “No, sorry. you have to find a new GP”. That’s it.

This is upsetting for one because there is only 1 GP in my new post code taking new patients. And they won’t let me sign in because “you already have a GP”. So where does that leave me?

And secondly, what is also upsetting is that I am on HRT for menopause and the last thing I want to do is have to go off suddenly and go back to the depressive state I was in, back in 2019. I finally feel a bit better these days and I haven’t even had a chance to discuss anything with her because of covid! She is very conservative and has told me this is the last time she will refill. I’ve only been on hormones for (less than) 6 months.

It took me a few days to feel less upset. I don’t even WANT to go back to my GP at this stage, so I need to somehow solve this problem. I have 3 months (HRT) to do that. Hopefully with a bit clearer head I can figure it out.

Time for the Weekly Run Down

Deborah and Kim are the amazing hosts for the Weekly Run Down! Feel free to join in as well to wrap up your week in fitness!

Weekly Run Down Blogger Linkup
Join us for the Weekly Run Down!

Week 4 In Review

Monday – 4KM Lunch Walk, 1.5KM Treadmill walk
Tuesday – The Trip, 5.65KM walk
Wednesday – Bodypump, 5.5KM Treadmill walk
Thursday – 7.5KM Treadmill Run (walk 20min/ run 30min/ walk 20min)
Friday – 4.3KM Walk with Gerrit, 1.5KM Treadmill walk
Saturday – 5.5KM Run (w/u 500m, run 30min, c/d 500m), 1.35KM walk
Sunday – 7.75KM Walk


This week was the last week of the running rehab program, week 8. I was already nervous about it because it was 30-minutes-in-one-go running. By Thursday I still hadn’t run, so I decided to do it on the Treadmill.

Thank dog for Netflix is all I have to say! I wanted to start running after a 1KM warmup but it was a bit of a false start so I made it a 20 minute warm-up. Then I started with a fairly relaxed tempo for 5 min, increasing just a bit every 5 minutes until I made it to 6:43 min per kilometer pace. I continued that for 10 minutes. I repeated to myself “just focus on this 5 min” (a bit of a variation from “run the lap you’re in” – wise words from Birchwood Pie). Total 7.5KM. Phew!

Of course Saturday was #notparkrun day and I literally did not run in the park! Because I wanted to attempt the 30 min again, I figured I’d have better luck if I ran more “flat” so I headed down to the Rijnkade. I also told myself it was just a relaxed run and there was no tempo attached to it, so no matter what I would just keep running.

To be completely transparent, I did stop to make a few photos. But, for all intents and purposes, I warmed up 500 meters, ran 4.5KM (30 min) and cooled down 500 meters. And it felt GOOD, y’all!


A mix of treadmill walking and outside walking this week. Because I’m still going for the 10K steps, and was short on time in some cases, I would make up what I needed on the treadmill.

Got some good outside walks in as well; in daylight and after dark And met up with Gerrit again <3

Sonsbeek Witte Villa by day and by night
Walking in my hood this time around
loving the winter sun and the walk in Gulden Bodem

Other Stuff

On Tuesday the hubs and I worked out together! I did “The Trip” on Les Mills On Demand and Ron did a run. I also had a great session with Kim and Debbie on Saturday!

Tuesday at the home gym
Saturday Sweat Sesh with Kim and Debbie

I also did bodypump on Wednesday; I didn’t feel like it but we set everything up after breakfast so may as well do it, right?

pumping it up in the living room

Home Improvement (does it count as fitness? LOL)

This week we didn’t do much except finally at the end of the week we started on the ceiling of the spare room (spare, music, lounge, work-space room). The panels and insulation are in now and Ron and The Boy P (which, by the way, I can’t call him that anymore because he turned 20 on Saturday!) closed up the seams of the wall panels and we also ordered the paint and other materials needed to finish up the room. (we can’t just go to the DIY store because they are closed; we CAN order and pick up at allotted times/days). Our goal is to have this done before February so the floor guy can finish where he left off.

I am so looking forward to being able to use this room, especially if we have to keep working from home for a while.

each panel had to be measured and they were all different for some reason… #oldhouse
these masks come in handy so you don’t get falling insulation debris in your mouth

Stats this week:
Walking 30.1KM
Running 13 KM
Bodypump 1x
Spin bike 1x The Trip, 1x Biking with Blogger Babes
Total steps: 76,401 (avg 10,914 per day)

Totals for January

Walking 147.30KM
Running 47.5 KM
Bodypump 2x
Spin bike 4x
Total steps: 363,687 (avg 11,732 per day)

That’s a wrap!

How was your week? Do you get sidetracked when stressful situations strike? Are you glad we have made it through the first month? Are you goals still on track?

I’m actually thinking about *gasp* making some goals for February. And if I do, then you’ll see that on the Fit Five FridayUltimate Coffee Date post coming up!