Fit Five Friday – Ultimate Coffee Date May 2021

7 May, 2021 Off By Renée
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Welcome to the Fit Five Friday

It’s that time of week again! Hopefully you’ve been enjoying this new link up with your FIVE amazing hosts – me, My First 5K and MoreRunning With Attitude, Runs with PugsZenaida ! Feel free to join in on the fun!

It’s also that time of the month… the Ultimate Coffee Date for May!

Want to get together for a cup of joe (or tea) and have a little gab session? Join in the monthly Ultimate Coffee Date! What would you tell ME if we were having coffee? Linkup is open now and stays that way through the weekend.

Deborah and Coco are your hosts and you can find the guidelines here.

5 Random Things I Would Tell You

If we were having coffee…

I would apologise to you for maybe not being so happy chappy. As you know things here in The Netherlands are still not great and the hope of possibly getting the vaccine in May is already starting to dwindle. Currently being vaccinated are those born between 1959 – 1962. I’m 1968… So yeah. Next month maybe?

In the meantime cafe terraces are now open and, incredibly enough, the weather has been awful but there are plenty of people sitting outside eating and drinking whilst wearing thick jackets and scarves! How desperate can you be? (checks for judgmental tone; yep, it’s there…)

To be fair the sun was shining here and it’s not tooooo crowded… still, no thanks.

Oh and Eurovision is opening up for 3,500 people. Of course you have to test negative to get in… but testing is a snapshot of that moment. Count me out. Remember when I was so excited that The Netherlands won in 2019?? I REALLY wanted to go when we were hosting in Rotterdam. Not anymore. Thanks, Covid!

If we were having coffee…

I’d tell you that I officially work for another company now, as of May 1st. Yet, this entire week I was still doing the same job, with my same team with the added stress of a new daily process procedure (we work with strict timelines based on financial markets opening and closing times). I learned that most of my colleagues do not like change. I get it, it’s not always fun, but the discussions were vigorous this week…

So. Much. Stress. I really didn’t want to leave my team when they were having so much trouble and at each other’s throats.

As it is, I don’t really know when I transition to the new company, but I think 1st of July is the goal for being fully independent.

If we were having coffee…

I’d tell you, funnily enough, I was reminded by Facebook that I started my new job after leaving Starbucks, 7 years ago yesterday. I saw a few photos I posted, one of them being from the inside of the bike parking.

Nothing really out of the ordinary, right? Only I noticed the person in this photo…

is my current manager (still the old company)! When I started I wasn’t even in the same department, so I didn’t know him until I actually began in Treasury 5 years ago. I ended up on his team and then when the company originally split I was asked where I wanted to go. I had no idea how to decide so I just said “I want to go where Marco goes.” And that was that!

You probably think, of course, it could happen, him being in this photo, but it should be noted. that there were over 600 people working in the building at that time, so it’s kind of weird that the only person there was my current manager. Fate, right?

If we were having coffee…

I would ask you if your weather is also on drugs and needs an intervention? This week was so bad AND it even snowed in Brabant yesterday for a short time! SNOWED.

Just. Stop.

I cannot remember the last time I wore gloves in May. I can tell you the last time it actually snowed in The Netherlands on May 6th – 1935 !

If we were having coffee…

I would tell you that with all the walking I’m doing, my legs and feet are really feeling it. I’m still getting regular massage but I’ve been thinking about something additional for home since I’m struggling with foam rolling – especially my calves.

Introducing …

…my new Fit-Gun Air-C Pro massage legs! I’ve been wanting to get something like this for a while and finally bit the bullet.

I’ve only used them twice so far but I feel like it’s going to be a good addition for keeping the legs fresh.

Side note: I also started using a small electric blanket in bed and it’s really been helping my restless legs. Of course I have to turn it off after a bit but it’s been helping with sleep in general. So maybe these two things together will be a real match made in heaven?

What would you tell me over coffee?

I know many of you reading are vaccinated. I hope my frustration is understandable since we have hardly made a dent in our population with the vaccine. As Corona-Exhausted as I am I can’t help but feel that we are rushing things for the sake of getting our lives back. What advise would you give me or others to keep holding on and staying in and safe until we get our shots?
Do you have any fun gadgets to keep your body in optimum shape?
Would you say you do well with change, or tend to resist it?
Is your weather still whacky?

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