WRD: Catching Up Week 19+20

Deborah and Kim are the amazing hosts for the Weekly Run Down! Feel free to join in as well to wrap up your week in fitness!


Plan vs. Actual

Monday – 3.25KM walk, GLI gym 1 hr intake – no workout (appt w/different PT), 3.5KM biking
Tuesday – 3KM walk (office day) to and from train station
Wednesday – 3KM walk, W6R1 run, 6KM, GLI 1 hour, gym 55 min
Thursday – 2.22KM walk, gym
Friday – 2.75KM walk, W6R2 run , gym 55 min
Saturday – 2.5KM walk, parkrun in Alkmaar 5KM, 17/17 Dutch parkruns done!
Sunday 2KM walk, long run W6R3, 1.4KM w/u walk, 10KM run (!!!)

I’m going to try and keep this weekly run down as short and sweet as possible. I know how hard it is to follow up on all the blogs in the linkup so I want to make this as easy as possible. You’re welcome. Hahaha!

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I can’t believe it was just last week that I was in Spain, day drinking and soaking up the rays of the Costa Del Sol. In addition to eating my weight in tapas, I was also quite active and even had a little run (physio said I could, so…) – so that kept things a bit balanced. I loved seeing my dad and stepmom again and two of their friends from Albuquerque also joined in, so it was super nice to meet them and get to hang out a bit (they are also more “our” age, not that it makes any difference).

Week 19 in Fitness

  • Monday – Lunch Walk (3KM) Physio (Running on the treadmill 1/1 min intervals + balance exercises), Biking 6.35KM
  • Tuesday – Lunch Walk (3.25KM), 1 Hour Cardio + Strength (gym), Biking 5.75 KM
  • Wednesday – ended up skipping Pilates due to really long and stressful day at work and needing to pack
  • Thursday – arrival in Málaga -steps: 19,078
  • Friday – 3KM run/walk
  • Saturday – 6KM walk to the beach and down the promenade
  • Sunday – Bike tour Málaga SOHO Street Art + Nature Reserve 23KM

Steps for the whole week: 112,785, average +16K per day

This Week In Fitness

  • Monday – Travel back home, steps total: 8,560
  • Tuesday – Biking 10KM, Physio (running on treadmill + balance exercises)
  • Wednesday – Lunch walk 2KM, Pilates, Biking 5KM
  • Thursday – Biking 5KM, 3KM run/walk
  • Friday – 6.75KM walk, 7KM biking
  • Saturday – 3KM run/walk
  • Sunday – 25.5KM biking (supporting the hubs)

Steps for the whole week: 62,740, average 8.9K steps per day


New Friends


just a few scenes from the tour


Running in Málaga
Thursday’s run
Saturday’s Run – back home in NL and new kicks!

Beach and Around Town

And best of all… WE WON EUROVISION LAST NIGHT!!! For the first time in 44 years, the Netherlands has finally won Eurovision Song Contest with an amazing song from a talented young man. This means that next year Eurovision will be held somewhere in the Netherlands! I *hope* here in Arnhem because we have one of the biggest arenas in the entire country (besides Amsterdam would be a total nightmare in this situation so I hope it will at least be Rotterdam if not here in Arnhem). And basically I don’t care how much it costs (I say that now), I am buying tickets!! WHOO HOO!! Don’t know about Eurovision? You have no idea what you are missing! In short it’s the most ridiculous, lame, outrageous, exciting and camp music competition ever. Every year I say I’m never watching again and every year I’m in front of the telly, drinking beer and group chatting with friends all over who are also watching. It’s a great excuse for a party. The most famous Eurovision winner is ABBA in 1974.

The winning song is 3 minutes – all Eurovision songs can only be 3 minutes or less. If you have 3 minutes, you may actually enjoy this song. Duncan went to the “Rock Academy” in Tilburg and even was a semi-finalist on “The Voice” – his coach, Ilse deLange is an established artist already in the Netherlands, and performed last year as a group “The Common Linnets” where they placed second. So it’s kind of cool that Duncan won when even his coach couldn’t win it!

Anyway, I know people reading likely don’t care about any of this – haha! but I’m just super excited about this! We’ve been so disappointed for so long with our Eurovision entries and there’s been a buzz around Duncan the last couple months, like we really had a chance! And we did it!!

Coming up Next Week

Another funny week next week, since we leave Friday for Liverpool:

  • Monday – Pilates (make up for the lesson I missed)
  • Tuesday – appt with/ ortho, physio, hoping to go to spinning in the evening (finally got new spinning shoes)
  • Wednesday – Pilates
  • Thursday – check out new (old gym a long time ago) gym
  • Friday – Travel to Liverpool
  • Saturday – 5K Liverpool RnR (will be doing run/walk intervals)
  • Sunday – Marathon / Half Marathon support, exercise gin-drinking muscle

That’s a wrap!

So tell me, how have you been? Are you enjoying spring weather now and running outside? Training for anything? Ran any races? Do you like going to the beach? Do you like street art? Have you ever been to Spain? Do you know about Eurovision?

30 thoughts on “WRD: Catching Up Week 19+20

  1. Awesome job this week and I love that you are able to get in some runs.

    Thanks for explanation about EuroVision – I was wondering what it was and it sounds like something I would really enjoy!! I actually like the song that won too.

    Hope you have an awesome time in Liverpool next weekend!

    1. Thanks Kim! And I’m glad you listened to the song! Thanks too, about Liverpool. I’m looking forward. More crazy dress-up will be happening!!

  2. Malaga looks absolutely wonderful! You are so dedicated to run while on vacation there. I think I would have to sit in the shade with a cold drink! I never heard of EuroVision, so thanks for teaching me something this week.

    1. Well I actually REALLY enjoy running in other places – it gives me a sense of adventure and a feeling like I’m seeing things I might not actually see as a non-running, non-biking tourist. Plus, the physio said I could run and I wanted to take the chance! but sitting in the shade with a drink also happened, believe me!

  3. All that sun. I am SO envious. Our weather has been really bad lately.

    Never heard of Eurovision, but I have heard of ABBA. :)

    Yeah, I know not everyone cares about what I write all the time too, but hey, your blog your stories!

    1. the sun was divine. we definitely don’t have that here in the Netherlands! and yes, whether people care or not, the stories will definitely be told :)

  4. OMG!!!! I totally love ABBA!!!! I had not heard of Eurovision until seeing your posts about it this week. It’s great seeing you back in the running shoes ;-) Believe me, I know how great that feels. Welcome back, dear friend ;-) Thanks for supporting our link-up!!

    1. oh we really love ABBA too! And if anyone knows how it feels to come back after surgery, it’s definitely you! Thank you!

  5. I was following your Eurovision cheering on Facebook. It actually made the news on NPR today. When I was in Copenhagen a few years ago they were just about to host it, so I saw all the signs but didn’t know what it was. Yay on the running!

    1. my timeline tends to blow up a bit for Eurovision – a couple of years ago a few friends and I actually switched out to a private message group because there is a LOT of chatting going on. Sort of like we are together but not haha! Thanks, I am enjoying the running again – feels good!

  6. Spain sounds wonderful! I have been there once and would love to go again.

    I love ABBA too! Thanks for explaining about Eurovision because I had no idea what it was. :-)

    1. it is so wonderful! Eurovision is fun because it’s also a bit of an entertainment car crash. You just can’t look away! haha!

  7. I’m so happy for you that you are back to running! Sounds like your time in spain was jam packed with activities. We were there for a short time on a cruise that started in Barcelona. Another fave spot of mine! Thanks for linking up have a fantastic week

  8. How lovely to do a bike tour etc and yay for your runs! Hopefully we will coincide in Liverpool in some way. On the course I should be easy to spot as I’ll be at the back but still running! Lovely pics and a good reminder of our Spanish lessons …

    1. I definitely intend to find you / meet up with you at some point! would be silly not to!

  9. Your trip to Malaga looks so great! Kind of funny, when I ran Mobile (Alabama) in January, we stayed at the Malaga in. Except they pronounce it Mala-gá.

    Good luck this weekend at Liverpool!

  10. Hooray for being on the glorious comeback trail! I Love that pic of you running in Spain. I’ve been to Barcelona a few times but nowhere else in Spain. Congrats on the Eurovision winner. I hope your city gets it!

    1. thanks Marcia! I am enjoying getting back to running for sure! I do love Barcelona but I am grateful I’ve been able to see a bit more. And yes I hope we get the big for Eurovision next year but already people are complaining about the cost and taking care of our citizens with that money first, etc. Sheesh. I get it, but there are different piggy banks for different things and this is not social welfare! it will also bring a lot of jobs and money into our province!

  11. Never heard of Eurovision, but it sounds a lot like some of our shows here in the US. I’m a big fan of competition shows. I have never been overseas, but Spain is someplace I would definitely like to go!

    1. Oh I think you would love Eurovision then! and you would also likely love Spain too :)

  12. Yay for being able to run again! Doesn’t it feel fabulous to be out there again?

    We’ve gone from cool spring weather to hot spring weather. I would prefer just plain ole spring weather. LOL

    1. it does feel amazing! i have to run on the treadmill at my physio’s office and even that I’m enjoying (something I NEVER enjoy haha)! I prefer plain ole spring weather too actually. It’s rather psychotic here at the moment.

  13. You trip to Malaga looks like it was a great time! I have never been to Spain, but very much want to do some traveling there. And, I was so happy to see your posts about running again! I continue to keep my fingers crossed for you!!

  14. That trip Spin sounds (and looks) amazing!!! I love all the biking you get to do and how much you love it. And I had never heard of Eurovision but it sounds like the equivalent of America’s Got Talent here in the states. I actually listened to the winning song and it’s quite good!! Hope you’re off to a stellar week of running and biking :-)

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