WRD: Six Weeks Post-Op and Getting Back To It

18 July, 2021 Off By Renée

On my last Weekly Run Down, I mentioned that I was going to have surgery and that I would be out of the running for a bit. Now that I’m officially six weeks out, it’s time to get my game on again.

Actually since Week 2 I was allowed to get walking and even allowed to cycle. Walking has always been ok, but biking was a bit challenging. At this stage it’s fine, thank goodness! The first ride, however, was completely upright on the spin bike. Not really the way I want to ride for a half hour (or more).

I’m joining the WRD again because this week was really ramped up as far as moving goes. Officially I can start running and lifting again as of Friday.

Back to the Weekly Run Down!

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Fitness for Week 28

Monday – 4.65KM Lunch walk, 13,094 steps in total
Tuesday – no recorded walk, 3,759 steps in total
Wednesday – no recorded walk, 9,597 steps in total
Thursday – 3,6KM walk, 9,136 steps in total
Friday – 3,75KM Walk, 21KM biking, 10,131 steps in total
Saturday – 45KM biking, no recorded walk, 6,012 steps in total
Sunday – 5.1KM walking, 12,115 steps in total

Total Steps: 63,844 – Goal was around 8K to 9K per day and I averaged 9,120. 17.1KM walking in total recorded.

Total Biking: 66,6KM. Hmmm. If I’d known that I may have gone for another 100m just to not have that number! ha!

Another Rough Work Week

I believe it’s going to stay this way for a while so I just need to find ways to deal with it. Tuesday I couldn’t get away at all for a walk, plus the weather was horrendous and Wednesday I actually had to go into the office for two big meetings (both of which were cancelled!!!!), hence why there were so many steps but no actual recorded walk.

Monday – Managed to get out at lunch. The weather was warm and we wanted different scenery so we walked down to and along the river. Obviously this is before it rose up and over the quay (don’t know if you’ve heard but NL, BE and DE are suffering from horrific flooding – here in NL it’s more to the southeast of us here in Arnhem).

Tuesday – This day was a total wash. Stress from work and rain all day meant pretty much no movement outside except to get to cryotherapy and back.

Wednesday – had to go to the office so the day started pretty early. I got up, got dressed and ready, even did my hair and make-up, went to the office and then both important meetings I was supposed to be at were cancelled. Grrrr. Lot of steps though – I always had way more steps during an office workday than a home workday.

Thursday – There was a slight window of opportunity to get out to the park during lunch so we took it. Felt like 100% humidity and it was raining a tiny bit but, whatever, I HAD to get out.

I am so sick of the grey skies that I photoshopped a blue sky into this photo LOL. (notice I’m wearing long sleeves… ugh)

Friday – day off. Went to cryotherapy and into town to pick up a package. Later in the day I biked over to MLD therapy and then on the way back I biked via a lake recreation area and then home.

Saturday – big biking day. I offered to. help my parkrun friends out in Nijmegen with their test run so I biked there and back. I LOVED this ride, but didn’t get a lot of photos as I was taking it all in.

Here I’m on the Biking Highway between the two cities (called the “snelbinder” )

Here’s a small part of the team in Nijmegen (and one of my new volunteers, in purple. My other volunteer, Paul, took the photo).

If you recall, my only parkrun event in The Netherlands that I have run was the launch event of Nijmegen on 29th of Feb, 2020.

Sunday – We went to the park to meet Dafne (the other Event Director) and Hans (her husband who also got roped into joined the team willingly, just like Ron) so that we could walk the course and figure out where we would need to put up signage and cones and also determine where we would need Marshalls. I don’t think I ever walked that 2.5KM round slower than today, but it was necessary. We needed to figure that out before next Saturday.

Ron then ran the course (2 rounds of 2.5KM to make sure we knew where the finish was) and I hung out in the shade in the Steile Tuin (Steep Garden)


Some of you know from my post Friday that I’m going to do whole body cryotherapy every day for a month. At the time of publishing this post I have done 9 days in a row. Next week I scheduled 2x a day Monday, Tuesday and Thursday because of how stressful work has been. I’m hoping that a boost in the morning will help me start my day off in a good way. Wednesday I have to go to the office again so I’ll only make it after work. And Friday they are only open half a day. I’ll stick to one time a day in the weekend as well.

Coming up Next Week

  • Start Couch25K – want to build up slowly and feel this is the safest way to do so
  • RPM 2x
  • Try bodypump to see how it goes 1x
  • Sprint 1x
  • and … get some walking in of course
  • Our test run for parkrun is Saturday – whoo hoo!! so I’m preparing for that as well.

That’s a wrap!

How have you been? Getting all your workouts in despite heat, humidity, inclement weather, summer blahs, etc? I’m so sorry I have been out of touch – work has really been killing. I try to keep in touch at least via IG and now that I’m linking up again obviously I am going to make a much better effort.